London UK (October 12th, 2010) – Receptional Internet Marketing (, a top UK Digital Marketing Agency based in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, have just published some rather impressive results for gambling client Quicksilver Games (

Quicksilver Games approached Receptional back in mid-2009 in order to take advantage of their free PPC health check. At the time, Quicksilver were not satisfied with the ROI their PPC activity was generating and needed help in turning this into a profitable and effective channel to market. Operating in the extremely competitive Online Gaming market, the cost per player and overall ROI were simply not what they should have been, and Quicksilver wanted to know what could be done to address this.

Through working with Receptional the Quicksilver PPC Account has seen the following results:

PPC Performance Metrics- (October to May 2010)

-Revenue Up 380%
-Revenue per player Up 580%
-CPA Down 18%
-PPC Costs Down 24%

These impressive results were achieved in 4 stages, these being:

Stage 1- Receptional's Free PPC Health Check: Establishing Account Problems

The Quicksilver PPC account was reviewed by several experienced Google AdWords Qualified
Professionals who consequently identified multiple areas within the account that could be improved upon, as well as several missed opportunities which would help Quicksilver to meet their objectives and increase the ROI of their paid search activity.

Stage 2- PPC Account Restructure: Implementing Best Practice

The Quicksilver PPC account was then restructured in accordance with Receptional’s PPC best practice guidelines, which involved increasing the depth and reach of the account structure, as well as implementing a much more granular and targeted approach to pay per click advertising. The success of the measures undertaken during the account restructure resulted in Receptional then being retained as PPC account managers on an ongoing basis.

Stage 3- Ongoing PPC Management: Continued Improvement of ROI

By focusing on improving the KPI’s of the account from October 2009 through to May 2010, and in combination with their expert knowledge, Receptional have been able to consistently improve the client’s account and build success upon success.

With proactive and strategic manual account management from their senior account team that has included daily analysis and campaign alterations, top level daily reports, weekly conference calls, monthly meetings, and strategic campaign changes over weekends, the Quicksilver PPC account has flourished.

By fully utilising AdWords search query data to eradicate irrelevant traffic they were able to reduce costs whilst increasing the volume of quality traffic, keyword quality scores, and the overall campaign conversion rates.

Once the campaigns were stabilised the next challenge for Receptional was to make them profitable and perform consistently. By making use of the bid incremental feature in AdWords, we were able to display the most profitable Ads and Keywords in the most profitable positions, and at the most profitable times of the week. This strategy has allowed the PPC team to spend Quicksilver’s budget much more wisely, whilst continuing to deliver a very healthy ROI.

All of their PPC recommendations to-date have been geared towards meeting and exceeding Quicksilver’s KPI’s, with statistical analysis being the bedrock of all campaign decisions.

“Although we are pleased with the improvements and success achieved so far in this very aggressive sector, we are extremely committed in taking Quicksilver’s paid search campaigns to the next level, and are confident that we can do so”,

-Stephen Maguire,
Head of Paid Search, Receptional.

Stage 4- Receptional’s Happy Client…

“We have been extremely impressed with the high level of customer service and proactive account management received since moving our account to Receptional in October 2009.

Their passion for paid search and commitment to improving our KPI's has led to a dramatic increase in revenues whilst significantly decreasing our player acquisition costs.

We look forward to building on the success to date throughout 2010!”

-Phil Edge,
Online Marketing Manager, Quicksilver Games

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Published on: 9:00AM on 12th October 2010