October 15, 2010 (Dallas, TX): Slingshot and subsidiary company Six Cubits have worked with Southern Comfort to bring SouthernComfort.com to the mobile platform coinciding with this year’s launch of the new packaging for the brand. Southern Comfort wanted to update the consumer’s web experience to align with the new look and resonate with social and active millennials.

The mobile site integrates key design elements from the new package, such as the neck wrap illustration and brand shield from the front label, with a brand experience designed to meet the most common needs of consumers. They’re able to learn how to make Southern Comfort cocktails, discover more about the Southern Comfort family of products and where to find them locally, and sign-up for text alerts on events and promotions.
The website for the desktop and mobile experience integrates many Web 2.0 properties such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, allowing for consistent updates with new content. The site was also localized for the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa to provide a richer user experience that keeps the brand to ahead of the curve.

“Mobile devices have become a central platform for how consumers interact with brands and communicate one another,” said Mike Isaac, AVP, Global Marketing Director, Southern Comfort. “We’ve tried to provide them with the basic tools for Southern Comfort at the palm of their hand. For example if they’re at a bar or party, they now have a quick reference for cocktail recipes.”

“In today’s world, our target consumer is living life on the go. They expect brands to be where they are. As such, we needed to create an experience that was available wherever and whenever the Southern Comfort consumer decides to go,” said Owen Hannay, President/ CEO of Slingshot.

Given the surging adoption of using touch screen mobile devices for more than just calls and surfing the web, Six Cubits built a website tailored to the interactive and engaging experience consumers have come to expect. “Since it is simply a mobile website, users are not bound to the app environment or to a specific handset or carrier. The approach allows flexibility in the platform to minimize costs which is a critical objective for our clients,” said Dawn McKeag, Global Program Director, Six Cubits.
To view the mobile site and experience for yourself, visit www.SouthernComfort.com from your iPhone or Android device.

About Southern Comfort:
Southern Comfort®, a fruit, spice, and whiskey flavored liqueur, was created in New Orleans by bartender M.W. Heron in 1874. Today, it is enjoyed by friends in over 100 countries around the world and continues to grow as an icon brand. Please visit us at www.SoCopressroom.com, www.SouthernComfort.com and facebook.com/southerncomfort.
Please Drink Responsibly.
Liqueur, 21-35% Alc. by Volume, Southern Comfort Company, Louisville, KY ©2010

About Slingshot, LLC:
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About Six Cubits, LLC:
Six Cubits is a web development group that creates digital marketing efforts across the globe. The program offers a reusable framework for any client that needs creative flexibility across multiple brands and/or languages. The goal is to provide consistent, reliable Web development, so you, the Brand Builder, can focus on communicating your brand’s message consistently in your market or region. Please visit us at www.Facebook.com/SixCubits and www.davidandgoliath.com
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Published on: 7:24PM on 15th October 2010