Latitude Digital Marketing releases its Q3 report on Mobile Search revealing the impact mobile is having on search marketing in 2010. According to the report, the channel has seen clicks grow at a staggering average of 76% per quarter and, as predicted, UK mobile search has surged past Bing with Yahoo in its sights.

Alex Hoye, CEO, Latitude pointed out “Not only is mobile growing at an average of 76% in clicks and 26% in spend per quarter, but costs-per-click are an average of 27% lower on mobile. The difference varies by sector, but for brands who adapt campaigns and their sites to take advantage, there is an arbitrage opportunity versus PC search. With consumers and clicks still outpacing advertisers, we anticipate that this trend will continue for the next few quarters at least.”

In his report Duncan Fisher, Latitude’s Head of Paid Search, also focuses on best practices. For example, the report illustrates that click through rates (CTRs) benefit from mobile-specific campaigns emphasising mobile style advert copies & prominent positions on key search terms. The report also drills into factors involving time of day by sector and Google’s plans on formats. Have a look at out compelling Q3 Mobile PPC report at

Published on: 9:59AM on 19th October 2010