Marketing technology specialist offers 'top tips' on CRM-focused email marketing and launches free white paper

As terms such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business intelligence creep into marketing language, a new white paper has been launched to clarify the benefits these disciplines offer to digital marketers. Produced by E-Village in conjunction with its CRM-based digital marketing tool, Clang (, 'Putting CRM at the heart of email marketing' is available to download for free from:

Included in the white paper are the following practical tips on CRM-focused email marketing:

1. Respect the recipient
Before sending anything, put yourself in their position to check that the email is of value in some way.

2. Do not 'broadcast'
Sending the same message to everyone is no longer effective - or acceptable. Instead it is important to send people content that is relevant to their preferences and therefore likely to engage them.

3. Be human
Consumers are 'real' people with individual preferences, interests and life-cycle events. Emails must treat them as such.

4. Engage in dialogue
Social networking has led consumers expect two-way conversations – make sure you deliver.

5. Learn about the customer
Use each communication as an opportunity to develop and strengthen your relationship with the customer by learning more about them.

6. Personal details have a price
If you want consumers to divulge the personal information that you require for targeted email campaigns, you need to 'pay' for that by providing something that they perceive as valuable in return.

7. Gather, store and analyse data
CRM is the essence of intelligent email marketing. It requires that as much information as possible about the consumer is gathered, stored, analysed and used to enhance messages.

8. Loyal customers
Treating recipients as individuals as a result of emails that make them feel valued and important will encourage all-important customer loyalty.

9. Viral adds value
Getting the recipients of your emails to share the content via social media or forwarded messages introduces a powerful 'snowball' effect to your campaign. Encourage them to do this with easy-to-see, relevant buttons in the body of the email. Spreading the word through 'recommendations' is a fast and straightforward way to develop your subscriber database.

10. One strike and you're out
Some consumers are forgiving – most are not. You usually have only one chance to get it right. Use it wisely!

“There is currently so much focus on social media that it is easy for marketers to forget that email is still an equally important part of the marketing mix. However, email is only a powerful tool if it is used intelligently – and as technology advances, the rules change rapidly,” explains Rogier van der Veen, UK business development manager for Clang. “Clang houses all the key digital marketing tools under one roof and our white paper reinforces this innovation through clarifying why CRM must be considered integral to the email marketing process. And we provide people with practical information to enable them to run effective campaigns that, by always respecting the customer, see a significant return-on-investment.”

The white paper is available to download from:


About E-Village and Clang:
E-Village ( was founded in 1999 in The Netherlands to provide digital marketing technology, with a key focus on email marketing. Today it continues to focus on developing sophisticated technology that enables organisations to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers. Its believes that Customer Relationship Management (CRM), lies at the heart of email marketing, and has built its flagship tool, Clang, around this principle.

Clang combines state of the art email marketing, content design, CRM, campaign management and powerful analytics software in an all-in-one, easy-to-use application. The unique platform contains a variety of innovative functionalities and features, the unique combination of which answers the needs of today’s e-marketer.

Current Clang customers (direct and via partners) include: B2B travel company, BCD Travel; BP; GM Worldwide; KLM (B2B programme); Kuoni; Shell; t for telecom and The Phone House.

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Published on: 11:37AM on 25th October 2010