Research released today by Marin Software, provider of the leading enterprise-class paid search management platform, has shown the impact the launch of Google Instant has had on the paid search industry. According to the research, overall impressions for paid search ads rose by 9%, while clicks on search results rose by more than 5%.

The research, which analysed the campaigns of a sample of Marin’s client base that collectively spend over £800m on search, compared data for the same set of keywords from the two weeks prior and the two weeks following the launch of Google Instant on 8th September 2010.

In addition to the increase in impressions and clicks, which showed that consumers have responded well to Google Instant, the research showed that advertisers have benefitted from the new tool, with overall advertiser costs rising by less than 2%, but average cost-per-click rates decreasing by more than 3% - giving them more value for their money.

The launch of Google Instant has also changed the way people search, with the research showing that ads for shorter queries have benefited more than ads for long queries – as the predictive nature of the tool has led to users searching for more common phrases.

Of the findings, Ed Stevenson, European Managing Director at Marin Software comments, “Google Instant was seen as a big gamble for Google when the company announced it, but it has proved to be a positive change for the industry. Google has won with a 2% increase in revenues, whilst advertisers and agencies have won with higher volumes and a reduction in CPCs, so it is a win-win situation.”

Marin Software’s full Google Instant report can be found here –

Published on: 3:39PM on 26th October 2010