Following the success of ‘Planning and creating a digital strategy’, Red Ant’s strategic experts have authored a major new second edition of its digital strategy white paper, now available to download free of charge.

With two entirely new sections plus a comprehensive update of the original content, ‘Planning and managing a digital strategy’ provides businesses with a thorough, practical, 50-page toolkit for digital engagement, encompassing planning, creation, actualisation and evaluation.

It offers an expert perspective on:

• Identifying and finding your audience
• Turning monologues into dialogues via web and social networks
• How to match style of message with style of audience
• Creation, evaluation and implementation of ideas which deliver results
• Measuring value and worth
• How Maslow’s hierarchy of needs translates to digital strategy
• The engagement loop and how to exploit it
• Developing a programme for continuous improvement
• Evaluating KPIs and fiscal achievement
• Proven formulae for the mathematical evaluation of value, worth and performance

Red Ant’s CIO, Richard Conyard, said: ‘Given the fact that the internet economy is now worth around £100 billion in the UK alone*, it’s no longer enough to simply pay lip service to digital engagement, nor is it acceptable for brands to expect their audience to come to them rather than vice versa. I believe that this white paper provides a fundamental resource for meeting the challenges of audience engagement in the digital age – one which will give businesses a robust framework for a digital strategy which delivers measurable results.’


*Source: The Connected Kingdom – Boston Consulting Group/Google Oct 2010



Digital strategy
Richard Conyard, CIO

Steph Yaguer

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Red Ant
Established in 1999 and with an in-house team of full-time digital experts, Red Ant is a digital strategy agency delivering return on investment solutions to meet business objectives and campaign aims. Using a four-stage approach – planning, creating, actualising and evaluating – Red Ant develops digital strategies which enable clients to listen to customers, talk to potential clients, engage with relevant audiences and increase revenue opportunities at every stage.

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Published on: 2:00PM on 28th October 2010