Extravision are proud to announce their sponsorship of the DMA’s 2010 National Client Email Marketing Survey, which is highly regarded as an invaluable resource in the email marketing sector.

The Client Survey, commissioned by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), is specifically written to focus on the needs of email marketers and focuses on key client issues; such as deliverability, channel integration and supplier selection. This report demonstrates how others are best utilising the email marketing channel and signposts the main areas of interest to newcomers.

Simon Hill, Director at Extravision says “As members of the DMA’s Email Marketing Council, we are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to support the launch of this valuable report and look forward to working closely with the DMA on future research projects”.

As Extravision highlight in their sponsorship statement within the report, the last year has been an interesting year for email marketing. Towards the end of 2009, there was lots of talk about social media signaling the demise of email marketing as a viable channel. However, this latest report shows this isn’t necessarily the case and that email and social media channels can support one another with close and well thought out integration.

Alison Wallace, Marketing and PR Manager at Extravision adds “How you choose to utilise the survey will depend on your business circumstances and level of expertise. If you are an experienced email marketer, it will provide a useful benchmark. For those less familiar, it will help build your knowledge and highlight issues regarding your email strategy, to help you move forward.”

The Extravision team is confident that their customer base will find the report informative, interesting and thought-provoking; providing valuable information to help develop an email marketing strategy for 2010/2011.
If you would like to download the full report, there is a clickable link from this page. http://www.extravision.com/resources/news-and-press/extravision-sponsors-dma-email-marketing-survey

About Extravision

Extravision is a privately owned, UK-based digital and email service provider founded in 2004. Extravision’s web- based solution provides a secure, flexible and reliable platform that enables clients across all sectors to engage in email marketing on different levels. Many companies rely on Extravision to provide a high level of client service, expert email campaign advice, and a genuinely responsive support service, delivering tangible results to ensure long term relationships with its clients. For more information, visit www.extravision.com

About the Direct Marketing Association ( DMA)

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is Europe’s largest and most influential professional body to serve the multi-billion pound direct marketing industry. Through its unique suite of services and programme of activities, the DMA promotes the business interests of its corporate members and drives the growth of the direct marketing industry as a whole.

The Association supports the professional and commercial development of its members through offering a range of business services, including: networking and knowledge-sharing events; cutting-edge industry studies and research; updates and analysis on the latest political and legal developments; business support tools; and specialised legal advice.

On a wider scale, the DMA UK works to maintain the industry’s self-regulatory framework by developing industry standards of best professional practice; engaging with government and other policymakers on legislative matters that affect the industry; and producing industry standards that guide the sustainable development of direct marketing. The DMA also provides thought leadership for industry, and raises its profile through an active PR programme and ongoing community initiatives.

All of the DMA’s activities are directed at engendering political, commercial and consumer faith in the value of direct marketing.

For more information visit www.dma.org.uk/

Published on: 11:47AM on 1st November 2010