London, October 2010. eCircle, the leading pan-European email marketing company, has launched a new Facebook application, ‘Facebook2Subscribe App’, making it one of the only ESPs currently offering a social media lead generation application. The innovative application, developed in-house by eCircle’s Product Development team, installs an application on the client’s Facebook page, which then allows their customers to sign up for newsletter updates quickly and easily via a tab button on the social media site:

The ‘Facebook2Subscribe App’ has been designed to respond to the increasing demands for online efficiency strategies alongside the rise of social media channels. The application gives clients the opportunity to effortlessly multiply their email database with customers that are already interested in their brand and services and ultimately making email marketing campaigns more effective.

The application is shown as a ‘Newsletter’ tab across the top of the company’s Facebook page. A link to the application can also be copied onto the company’s Facebook page directly. A customer visiting the page will simply have to click the ‘Newsletter’ link and the option to join the newsletter is offered. If accepted, the user will be added to the client’s email database directly via eC-messenger, eCircle’s email marketing software.

Speaking about new application, Volker Wiewer, CEO of eCircle comments:
“We are committed to constantly reviewing and revolutionising our tools to provide the most effective technology to meet our clients’ needs. Currently, social media - if used intelligently - is a powerful component within a wider marketing mix. We are therefore excited to launch the ‘Facebook2Subscribe App,’ which draws on the data capture potential of social media and is sensitive to the ever-important demand for intelligent personalisation. This lead generation tool can be easily fused into a wider marketing strategy to efficiently generate qualified prospects for our clients, leaving them free to produce more dynamic campaigns that can reach an already receptive audience.”

Notification of the application’s use will be displayed in the news feed of the person who has signed up, producing a viral effect and increasing the exposure to marketing emails as recipients forward them on to interested business associates, friends and family. A social media group can also be identified in the database and its profile can subsequently be added for future segmentation.


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eCircle is one of Europe’s largest digital direct marketing companies, owning the most comprehensive permission marketing database for email campaigns and lead generation as well as a state-of-art technology solution for digital direct marketing. Since 1999 eCircle has stood for innovative and efficient online marketing for customer acquisition and retention. Leading organisations including Asda, HBOS and Samsung trust our consistent customer care, our long-term experience and not least our highly motivated and committed employees. The company has more than 200 employees, with headquarters in Munich and additional offices in London, Paris and Milan.

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Published on: 10:00AM on 3rd November 2010