UK’s leading affiliate network MoreNiche are branching out into a new sector – skin care and acne. Based in Nottingham, UK, MoreNiche launched in 2002 and are highly experienced in the male and female health and beauty niche. With forward thinking new brands and merchants joining the network regularly, the MoreNiche community is ever-growing. With over 125,000 affiliates globally, MoreNiche are set for world online domination. With their ever expanding team of dedicated affiliate managers, who work closely alongside their affiliates and merchants alike ensuring success and helping you achieve top earnings. Besides, when you earn – they earn! Other below par affiliate networks do not care about their affiliates, MoreNiche are different. The staff provide excellent communication and round the clock support whenever you need it, it is no wonder so many people sign up to MoreNiche.

With their revered success in the weight loss sector, MoreNiche eclipse other affiliate networks by showing their diversity and versatility and always being one step ahead of the rest - the world is their oyster. This is why Managing Director Andrew Slack informs us that they are imminently moving into the skin care/acne market and fully intend to be the trusted and number one skincare provider in the affiliating world. There are five new merchants lined up to join the MoreNiche network, already confirmed to come on board are Clear Skin MAX, ClearPores, Clearogen and Pai Skincare. Clear Skin MAX is specifically geared towards treating acne and is giving its affiliates a truly fantastic 30% commission, ClearPores are paying an impressive 40% commission and Pai Skin Care, which products treat acne, ageing skin, rosacea and a whole host of skin condtions offers its affiliates 15-20% commission. Do not miss out!

Around 90% of people at some point in their lives has had or will experience some form of Acne. A hormone imbalance is one theory although the true cause of acne is not known, many myths surround acne and while it is thought to be more prelevant in adolescents, usually disappearing once the individual reaches their twenties, some people can continue suffering from Acne long into adult hood even as late as their forties and fifties. It is extremely widespread and a very devastating and debilitating condition to suffer from; the acne market is competitive and with an array of non prescription treatments easily within reach, such treatments can be aggressive and cause long term side effects. There are gentler and safer alternatives to choose from to get rid of the skin ailment; Clear Skin Max, ClearPores and Pai Skincare pride themselves in helping users to maintain healthy skin and providing an amazing, natural acne treatment for all. These two products could change the face of skincare as we know it.

With the launch of these five innovative skincare brands, MoreNiche are set to explode. This is exciting news for all MoreNiche affiliates and for acne sufferers themselves, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you are not already signed up with MoreNiche, what are you waiting for?

Published on: 1:49PM on 8th November 2010