Seven brands including Durex and Scholl have signed up to the Social Media Reputation (SMR) monitoring and insight service from Yomego (launched in July 2010).

Durex, Scholl, London Business School, eircom, eMobile, Opinion Health and Meteor are all using SMR to listen to what customers are saying about them online, and use the insight reports to take positive action to boost reach and improve customer satisfaction.

SMR takes information from 29,000 social media sources using data from Alterian’s SM2 tracker. It provides real-time information about a brand’s online reputation but, importantly, uses a team of analysts to make sense of the data and make practical recommendations for action to improve reputation score.

Michelle King, digital experience manager, Durex, says: "The difference between this and other reputation monitoring tools is that SMR gives me analysis and recommendations, rather than just flooding me with data. Real-time data at my fingertips and relevant analysis and recommendations once a month is a potent combination."

Steve Richards, Yomego MD, adds: “It’s an encouraging start. Monitoring tools are ten a penny but very few provide clients with context alongside other brands in the same sector. Clients are also keen to know how their social strategy can align with other marketing channels and KPIs. Integration is essential. A host of household brands are currently trialling SMR and we hope to announce more wins very soon.”

About Social Media Reputation
Yomego’s SMR service tracks what’s being said about a brand, and by whom, across 29,000 social media channels, measuring data including the number of people exposed to messages about the brand and the level of positive or negative sentiment.

But the real differentiator of the SMR service is that a team of SMR specialists analyse this data, providing insight and practical recommendations to boost reach and improve a brand’s reputation. It will even provide live alerts if a reputation score takes a sudden dip, and highlight its source.

This analysis can be used to track a brand’s reputation; to analyse the impact of particular campaigns (online or offline) or product launches; or to provide an early warning system of a potential issue that will affect the brand’s reputation both online and offline.

Clients of Yomego’s SMR service can log in at any time to see real-time, meaningful statistics on a brand’s social media performance, including: reach; ‘satisfaction’ (ie how ‘satisfied’ consumers are with the brand); noise level; details of influential authors (including demographic information); the most common keywords associated with the brand; country; and mentions by platform (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs etc ). It also measures the social media reputation against that of a brand’s nearest competitors, so the brand can track its performance against market conditions.

Regular insight and analysis of performance; and recommended actions for the brand to take appear on the customer dashboard alongside the live data.

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Published on: 4:41PM on 8th November 2010