London, UK, 10th November 2010

World Usability Day is an annual event which was founded by the Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA) in 2005. The event’s aim is to raise awareness of the work that is carried out by usability professionals to make everyday products and services easier to use, and is an opportunity for organisations and individuals to train others in usability and best practice.

This year’s World Usability Day is taking place on 11th November and is centred on the theme of communication.

To mark this event, Foviance ( will be discussing the topic of communication with the ‘man on the street’ and uploading short Vodcasts on its website throughout the day to its podcast section These short videos will concentrate on people’s stories about their good and bad experiences of communicating with others and their views on how they see communication changing their lives in the future.

From talking to people so far, Foviance has heard about communicating to large crowds through the medium of music, and being dumped over email! It will also come as no surprise that the favourite way of communicating for most people is face-to-face. Through this exercise, Foviance would like to discover how people actually use technology and other services to communicate and how these experiences really impact everyday life.

Videos will be uploaded every hour on November 11th here:

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Foviance is a leading cross-channel customer experience consultancy that helps some of the world’s best known global brands to deliver better customer experiences that drive improvements in customer satisfaction for increased customer loyalty and better financial performance.

Founded in 2000 and with a heritage in usability research and data analytics, Foviance delivers research and analytics-based consultancy to its clients about the effectiveness of their individual channels, such as mobile, web and call centre and how they combine in a cross-channel environment. For many clients, insight is provided not only in their home market, but also internationally through Foviance extensive alliance network.

Foviance engages with its customers wherever they are in their product lifecycle, and provides insight so they understand how to improve, create and deliver excellent customer experiences.

Foviance boasts 43 of the UK FTSE 100 companies among its client roster, including Barclays, BSkyB, and Sainsbury’s. In addition Foviance works with International brands such as AstraZeneca, Dell and Nokia. Foviance has offices in London and Shanghai.
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Published on: 5:01PM on 10th November 2010