23rd Nov

Webgains Launches Exclusive Multiple Datafeeds Tool

to increase merchant program effectiveness &
enhance efficiency amongst affiliates -

Webgains (www.webgains.com), the world’s fastest growing international affiliate network, today announced that it is to offer a unique new product datafeed tool allowing merchants to provide additional feeds to affiliated websites. The functionality will be available to merchants across Webgains’ eight platforms– UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and the USA.

A product datafeed is a file containing information about products a merchant sells. Many affiliates download and reconfigure product datafeeds to display product information on the affiliated sites, driving traffic in exchange for a commission on each sale. Existing product feed systems, though extremely detailed and comprehensive, can be unwieldy, as they include information on all products. The new Webgains tool will allow Merchants to upload specialised datafeeds, for example around seasonal or best-selling products, thus taking much of the hard work away from the affiliates, leaving them free to concentrate on what they do best: driving ready-to-purchase consumers to the merchant site.

Merchants will be able to create specific feeds, not only around seasonal events such as Easter or Christmas, or seasonal fashion launches such as the new Winter range, but also use product datafeeds as a trade marketing tool to drive volume increases via discounting. For example, a retailer will be able to supply affiliates with a feed of products where he/she wants to build a market share, as well as the traditional price reductions for out-of-date products on sale. Moreover, the retailer can create bespoke feeds for chosen affiliates, thus strengthening their commercial relationship.

Robert Glasgow Managing Director of Webgains, said:
"Our aim is to enhance the Webgains value proposition to our merchants by providing products and innovations that demonstrate a real understanding of affiliates’ needs. Product Datafeeds have long been an integral part of affiliate marketing for sophisticated affiliates, and we hope that this tool will allow datafeeds to be used much more flexibly. The end result will be that consumers enjoy a better user experience by enhanced targeting and affiliates’ efforts will hence be better rewarded. No other network offers the ability for multiple feeds in all verticals for all affiliates through the network interface.”

Jason Brockman, Director of Easy Content Units, commented:
“The introduction of multiple feeds for merchants will allow affiliates to easily implement new services to their web sites, and provide the merchants with a new tool for their marketing arsenal. Individual feeds which include best selling items, only discounted items, new items or perhaps seasonal merchandise will help affiliates craft their pages more specifically, aiding their visitor satisfaction and therefore conversions. The addition of this new tool and the provision of merchant seminars and workshops on data feeds show the commitment that Webgains have for providing affiliates the very best information for their campaigns.”

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About Webgains

Founded in 2005, Webgains is one of the leading European affiliate marketing networks, providing a highly effective combination of user-friendly technology together with world-class client account management. With offices in UK, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, Webgains is the fastest growing affiliate network in Europe facilitating trans-national transactions for the benefit of both our affiliates and merchants. Webgains is part of ad pepper Media N.V., the pan-European online marketing specialists.

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Published on: 11:51AM on 23rd November 2010