Maginus has launched its first viral campaign, the Channel Connect game.

The game is a real brain teaser and very addictive, but it does have a serious message for retailers and distributors. It highlights the impact that truly integrating sales channels can improve customer service, reduce costs and improve profits, or in the case of the game maximise points.

The game challenges players to connect their retail business by linking a series of tubes against the clock with as little wastage as possible. However, players must ensure that they charge up enough power to let My Genius swoosh through and complete the level with success.

All players should submit their score at the end of the game for your chance to win a My Genius toy. To play the game visit:

Russell Dorset, Sales and Marketing Director at Maginus, said, “This is an innovative concept as it is the first adver-game in our market sector. This, in addition to being shortlisted for this year’s B2B Marketing Awards, shows the creativity of our marketing activities. There has been already been a great deal of interest in the Channel Connect game, which allows players to test their skills by connecting sales channels to become a retail genius.”

Dorset continued, “For a retailer to be successful in business today they must offer a joined up approach and ensure their channels are connected. Consumers are more demanding than ever and failure at any point of the customer journey is unacceptable.”

Published on: 4:50PM on 23rd November 2010