Essex: 30th November 2010

Mike Groves | Online Marketing is launching a new workshop based approach to SEO and Social Media – aimed specifically at the SME market.

Despite the dominance of search and the rise of social media there are still many SME clients who, if pressed, would confess that they actually know very little about Search Engine Optimisation, or Social Media.

Similarly many SMEs have no idea how to use these channels and opportunities to benefit their business. This lack of understanding can be a barrier to engaging SEO or Social Media expertise and can hold clients back from working with an agency or consultant. And it can even be a contributory factor to a breakdown in the client / agency relationship where clients find it difficult to understand the value the agency brings.

Commenting on the launch, Mike Groves said: “I’d like to do something different, by offering a workshop based approach to SEO and Social Media, whereby I sit with the client and not only demonstrate how these channels and techniques can be used, but actually action and implement recommendations with them.”

“This approach will not only arm clients with a greater understanding of SEO and Social Media, but give them practical advice, together with a clear demonstration, and coaching so they can actually do it themselves.”

"The knowledge and understanding this approach will generate will enable clients to make more informed decisions when it comes to selecting a Search and/or Social Media agency"

Workshop sessions will start from £299 with sessions individually planned for each client. No two sessions will be the same, because every business faces different challenges, and every client has a different level of knowledge and understanding.

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Published on: 11:08PM on 30th November 2010