As the affiliate channel continues to demonstrate exponential growth, advertisers are welcoming a new range of online marketing activities measured on performance.

Embracing new technologies that have entered the market this year, like behavioural retargeting and remarketing, Affiliate Window continues to upgrade and improve on its tracking solutions.

In conjunction with our European partner zanox, today Affiliate Window announces our new MasterTag solution which allows advertisers to integrate with multiple third party applications without the need to apply development resource. This simple, one tag solution, provides increased flexibility, introduces a whole new range of opportunities for advertisers, and is available throughout the UK and European market. The MasterTag logic is integrated as standard on every new programme, and is available to all existing clients through a simple upgrade.

Peter Loveday, Chief Technical Officer at Affiliate Window commented: “Tag integration can often cause considerable delays in getting new technology active on advertisers’ sites ultimately resulting in many missed opportunities. Our MasterTag solution gives clients the ability to launch with these partners instantly as well as simply switching between providers whenever the requirement arises. We wanted to provide as much simplicity and flexibility as possible with this latest release.”

The container tag solution has been available on the Affiliate Window platform for the past two years and by aligning ourselves with zanox and introducing the MasterTag, we expect to see a significant uplift in the number of major retailers implementing this technology. It is now easier than ever to utilise additional services within the performance channel like retargeting, social media, offline reward and geo mobile without compromising your service or platform.

If you require any additional information about integrating this tool, please e-mail the Affiliate Window dedicated technical support team at

For more information please contact:
Lisa Chaikin
PR Manager, Affiliate Window
t: 020 7553 0333

Published on: 11:45AM on 6th December 2010