UK performance and clothing retailer has added 360 degree imaging to their range to improve the customer online shopping experience.

Leading performance footwear and clothing retailer has launched a new 360 degree imaging facility to their website, allowing their range of outdoor performance apparel to be viewed from all angles. The new feature is designed to help customers get a better feel for what they are buying before an order is made. It is just one of the ways the forward thinking retailer is improving the online shopping experience and making its play to become the nation’s number one supplier of apparel for the great outdoors.

“We believe we are the first online clothing and footwear retailer to 360 the entire range” claims MD Richard Gundle. The imaging is widely used in many industries but has until now not been used for clothing and footwear. The surprise is not that has introduced the new technology, but that it has taken them so long, and that other retailers have failed to realise the benefits. Ordering footwear and clothing online can be difficult for potential customers, who find it hard to visualise how the clothing and footwear will look. As clear as website images are, it is often difficult to get a true picture of what the product really looks like before it arrives in the post. By utilising a more comprehensive viewing system, it helps to recreate more of the high street shopping experience, whilst giving the unbeatable convenience of online shopping. Example brands that have benefited from 360 degree images on the PureKit website are Icebreaker Clothing ( and Berghaus (

The nation has embraced online shopping, and even items normally requiring a fitting are being increasingly bought online, thanks to the wide range on offer and good availability of sizes. Whilst retailers are now waking up to the fact that the online shopping market has potential to massively increase sales, and are starting to offer products online, few even come close to offering the full shopping experience on their websites. At the return and exchange policy is straightforward and easy, however by offering the new viewing method customers can see much more clearly what the product looks like from all angles. “We wanted to help our customers get a better feel of the products before they buy” claims Gundle. The move has certainly raised the bar with online retailing, with now offering a much more comprehensive shopping experience, and other sites will surely soon follow their lead.

At, the onsite imaging is backed up by a fast, cheap and reliable delivery service, with orders processed quickly to cut back on waiting time. The extensive selection of clothing and footwear covers the full spectrum of outdoor sports and pastimes, with all of the nation’s best loved brands. The overall package offered is first rate, and continuous improvements to the site to make purchasing online more user friendly has made the company stand out amongst other online retailers. By constantly improving the service they are fast becoming the nation’s favourite online supplier of footwear and protective clothing for outdoor sports and adventuring, with the latest imaging feature just the cherry on the top.

The Purekit collection of outdoor footwear, performance clothing and equipment is now available in full 360 degree glory at

Published on: 10:22AM on 16th December 2010