New research by Pure360 reveals that email marketers are logging on at weekends in order to ensure they are getting the most out of the festive season.

The research analysed the login behaviour of over 2,000 email marketers in the weeks leading up to Christmas this year and also drew comparisons to the same dates in 2009.

Christmas is coming...

The findings show that in one weekend, just under two weeks before Christmas, there were over 1000 logins by dedicated marketers, this is a staggering 209% increase on the previous weekend. Mid week figures that week also saw a 202% rise in logins compared to the previous week.

Perhaps it is no surprise that with Royal Mail’s last recommended posting date for standard parcels being mid December B2C marketers were ensuring they were tempting online shoppers with last minute seasonal offers. The race to take advantage of festive shoppers was on!

Let it snow

As workers returned to offices up and down the country on Monday 6th December, following a week of snow disruption, logins for the week were almost double the previous week, and it appeared that not all sectors had suffered during the cold snap. Open rates for email campaigns sent during the week it snowed by the transport sector, were up 6% compared to the same period for 2009. They also enjoyed a 7% increase in click throughs compared to the previous year.

As part of the festive research Pure360 also looked at how many emails were sent in a week the month before Christmas, versus 2009. Emails promoting a variety of different products and services were analysed to assess the changes in marketers’ sending patterns. Researchers found that a whopping 16 million more emails were sent by marketers than in 2009.

For the majority of sectors open and click through rates remained the same as 2009 during the festive season. Leisure sector businesses however enjoyed a 3% increase on open rates and a 2% increase on click throughs.

Festive food for thought for marketers

Abi Clowes, Pure360 Marketing Manager, commented:

“As a marketer myself I was intrigued to see the results from the research to gain an insight into the way other marketers behave. As ever, over the past few months, we’ve read a lot about consumer buying patterns and behaviour, but this sort of insight into marketer behaviour, is a lot less common. Who knew the dedication of marketers, logging on at weekends to prepare their email campaigns! It’s really impressive.”

“Email marketing is by far the best marketing tool for achieving high ROI, with, as a generality, £50 revenue for each £1 spent. With regards to our findings, compared to last year it seems that marketers may be taking stats like this into account by ramping up their email activity a month before the big day. It’s great to see that leisure sector businesses such as hotels, restaurants and sports clubs don’t appear to be suffering in what is still a tough economic climate.”

“Now we have the functionality to be able to carry out this type of research we will continue to monitor marketers’ behaviour and hopefully take it a step further. We can learn a lot from fellow marketing professionals and such research can help in our own email marketing campaigns.”

Published on: 4:08PM on 21st December 2010