Telerik announced a 100% growth for 2010 for its web content management system – Sitefinity. Next year Telerik is planning on pushing the envelope of web content management to new levels with the upcoming official release of Sitefinity 4.0 in January 2011. During the past 2 years, the Telerik Sitefinity team has worked extensively on the new Sitefinity 4.0 version, which follows the company’s long-term commitment to deliver the most advanced web content management system while maintaining an extreme focus on usability and productivity. With 2010 quickly coming to an end, the Telerik Sitefinity team recaps the latest developments.

Sitefinity – the Product

Sitefinity 4.0 has evolved from a concept to a final pre-release product, ready for use for production purposes. The product reached several important milestones – CTP, Alpha, 2 Betas, and the Release Candidate - each of which added to the stability and feature set to this revolutionary CMS platform. The focus of Sitefinity 4.0 is on making everyone using the system much more productive as well as making Sitefinity easier and more pleasant to work with. The new architecture allows for infinite system extensibility and together with the tools shipped with the Sitefinity Software Development Kit delivers a significant development productivity boost. The new user interface allows business users to interact with the system and edit page layout, configure the system or set workflow without the help of a developer. The drag and drop content editing style of Sitefinity is now employed in page layout editing and web form creation, bringing the productivity and usability with Sitefinity to the next level. The built-in Analytics module and the new SEO tools help marketers optimize the web strategy. Business users can also take advantage of the new browse and edit feature, localization, comprehensive publishing system, and more. Developers can leverage the new architecture and fluent API for easy programmability. The 4 new starter kits (Intranet, Education, Real Estate and Charity), which will ship with Sitefinity 4.0 will further increase the developer productivity.

Sitefinity – the Awards

Recognizing excellence in the partner network, Microsoft announced Telerik as a winner at the 2010 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards for Central and Eastern Europe. Nearly 300 Microsoft partners showcased an impressive range of offerings that are pioneers in their markets. Telerik presented its Web Content Management product -Sitefinity CMS. It was selected by Microsoft judges out of nearly 500 product nominations as the regional Winner in the category ISV/Software Solutions. The award honors Microsoft Partners that have delivered exemplary solutions for their customers during the past year.

"To be selected by Microsoft for this prestigious honor clearly demonstrates Telerik's leadership role in the software market," said Vassil Terziev, Telerik CEO. "We are thrilled that Telerik and the Sitefinity CMS have been recognized as a Microsoft Partner of the Year, as it underscores our commitment to providing outstanding innovation and value to our customers."

Sitefinity – the Team

The Sitefinity team has grown to nearly 60 members and is now the largest product team in Telerik. However, it isn’t just in numbers that the team has grown; the processes have also matured. Expect improved customer care, many product innovations and valuable resources that will further simplify the evaluation and the development process.

Sitefinity – the Customers

Sitefinity powers over 6000 websites worldwide across various industries – from Government and Education, to Services, Retail and Technology. Companies that chose Sitefinity during 2010 include AT&T, Societe Generale, IKEA, CompTIA, Kiwanis International, Microsoft.

“We’re glad to use Sitefinity to manage our Microsoft Hohm blog,” says Benjamin Gauthey from Microsoft. “The Sitefinity content management system offers an easy interaction. It was really fast to customize the look and feel and extend the experience by adding specific social media controls.”

Sitefinity – the Partners

With 60 new companies joining the Sitefinity service program, Telerik more than doubled its network of partners in 2010, bringing the total number of Sitefinity partner companies to over 100. To respond to this growth, Telerik Sitefinity has assembled a team of dedicated regional partner managers whose main responsibility is the success of the partners in their region. This increased focus and continuous dedication to the success of the Sitefinity Partner channel is also reflected in the improved benefits Telerik will be offering to Sitefinity partners as part of the new partner program which will officially launch in 2011.

Setting the stage for 2011

A big part of 2010 has been focused on setting the stage for Sitefinity’s next evolution. That stage is now set. This not only includes the code base, but also the staffing and processes needed to bring Sitefinity to the next level.

Telerik Sitefinity is now very close to the next chapter. Sitefinity 4.0 will be launched on January 14, 2011. Be sure to mark the date in your calendar.

About Sitefinity

Telerik Sitefinity is a flexible content management platform that is used for the construction and management of commercial websites, community portals, intranets. Sitefinity CMS is engineered with flexibility and extensibility in mind to give everyone the freedom to create dynamic and compelling websites.

About Telerik

Telerik is a market-leading provider of end-to-end solutions for application development, automated testing, agile project management, reporting, and content management across all major Microsoft development platforms. Telerik’s award-winning software development products enable enterprises and organizations of every size to generate tangible productivity gains, reduce time-to-market, and stay on time and under budget. With tens of thousands of users in more than 90 countries around the world, Telerik’s customers include numerous Fortune 2000 companies, academic institutions, governments, and non-profit organizations.

Published on: 12:19PM on 22nd December 2010