Acromas Holdings’ biggest brands to improve online user experience but retain brand essence

SapientNitro announced that it has been retained by Acromas Holdings to re-design and build the websites for AA and Saga, in order to provide an exceptional new experience for existing and new customers alike.

As historic brands associated with trust and reliability, Saga and AA recognise the need to expand their presence across online channels, while at the same time ensuring that new digital experiences deliver the high quality that customers have come to expect from traditional channels. SapientNitro has committed to designing vibrant web experiences which reflect each brand’s ethos, and engage effectively with their diverse audiences.

Saga and AA are two brands with incredibly strong heritage and are the definitive in their sectors. SapientNitro will retain each brand’s unique character and pedigree, but by co-developing each site at the same time through a single project management team, deliver a more streamlined, efficient and cost-effective experience for Acromas.

Malcolm Poynton, chief creative officer Europe, SapientNitro, said: “It is incredibly exciting to work with two brands that are so loved and deeply ingrained within the British psyche. We will act as digital guardians throughout both the Saga and AA brand projects, while at the same time engaging customers with a whole new experience online. We want to help each brand create a welcoming sense of community, as well as showcasing their products and services in a fresh and stimulating way.”

Published on: 11:24AM on 5th January 2011