Myclicks, a London based digital marketing agency, are launching a consultancy arm to their business. Speaking at the press conference preceding the company’s Christmas celebrations for partners and clients, at London’s Freedom Bar on Wardour Street, Business Development Manager John Adam outlined the new service to be offered.

‘Following an increasing number of consultancy engagements and enquiries over the course of 2010, we have decided to officially introduce a consultancy service to compliment our PPC and SEO management services. As companies, including many of our own clients, grow their PPC and other forms of digital marketing, to the point where it begins to make financial sense to have their own in-house teams, we have been increasingly engaging in support activities to this end.
Our consultancy work until now has tended to fall into two main categories, and it is in those directions that we will continue. In house teams feel the benefit of our often greater experience and expertise in terms of helping them define strategy and approach for their company’s PPC and SEO campaigns. We are most commonly actively involved with the set-up of marketing campaigns by in house teams over the first 2-4 months, the period where greatest gains are made in terms of optimization of ROI. We then often assist the management by performing regular audits of their in house campaigns to ensure efficiency is maintained, or make adjustments where necessary.
As we expect this form of engagement to form a growing percentage of our client portfolio over the coming years, 2011 will find us placing greater resources into developing our consultancy structure and personnel. We will be offering in house training programs for PPC marketing and SEO as well as set-up and audit services to assist in house teams and continuing evaluation of the ROI levels generated’.

Myclicks ( have been expanding increasingly into the financial services industry where online marketing, particularly PPC and SEO marketing has seen a significant boom. The company hopes to continue in a similar vein over 2011, cementing itself as one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies and is looking at overseas expansion and partnerships.

Having initially forged a reputation in the highly-competitive online gambling industry, the past two years have seen them become a well-respected PPC and SEO management partner for companies in a diverse range of industries. 2011 should see the company make the transition to one of digital marketing’s better known names.

Twitter: @myclicks

Phone: +44 800 098 9745

Published on: 4:52PM on 6th January 2011