New version of Clang increases ‘intelligence’ of email marketing campaigns with split-run and smart-run testing

The new version of CRM-focused email marketing platform Clang ( makes it easy for digital marketers to automatically test different versions of an email in order to use the one that is most effective. Launched in the UK today by digital marketing technology specialist E-Village (, Clang version 1.3.0 introduces split-run and smart-run testing capability to email marketing campaigns.

Split-run testing enables digital marketers to run up to 26 variations of an email campaign in order to determine which generates the best response from recipients. Clang’s additional smart-run module ‘scores’ the different versions depending on open and clickthroughs and automatically sends the best scoring one to the rest of the database.

Clang 1.3.0 allows digital marketers to further tailor their campaigns to the recipient’s preferences. Variables such as subject lines, content, greetings, creatives, wording, message length and time of day for distribution can all be tested to see which work best for the specific target audience.

“As intelligent email marketing continues to move away from the broadcast model in recognition that ‘one size does not fit all’, the new version of Clang has been designed to make it easy to test exactly what will work best for the recipient,” explains Rogier van der Veen, UK business development manager for Clang. “Digital marketers can now tailor emails according to how their audience ‘votes’. The end result is increased performance (and ROI) from each email marketing campaign.”

The addition of split-run and smart-run to Clang follows the introduction of integrated links to Facebook and Twitter in August 2010.


About E-Village and Clang:
E-Village ( was founded in 1999 in The Netherlands to provide digital marketing technology, with a key focus on email marketing. Today it continues to focus on developing sophisticated technology that enables organisations to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers. Its believes that Customer Relationship Management (CRM), lies at the heart of email marketing, and has built its flagship tool, Clang, around this principle.

Clang combines state of the art email marketing, content design, CRM, campaign management and powerful analytics software in an all-in-one, easy-to-use application. The unique platform contains a variety of innovative functionalities and features, the unique combination of which answers the needs of today’s e-marketer.

Current Clang customers include (direct and via partners) include: Albelli, BCD Travel, GM, G-Star, Holiday Cottages Group, KLM, MySecurityCenter, Shell, and The Phone House.

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Published on: 10:34AM on 7th January 2011