In 2010 more than 6.1 trillion text messages were sent, by 2013 around the world the volume of messages sent will reach a staggering 10 trillion. Therefore as SMS activity continues to grow dramatically marketers should take advantage of this powerful communication tool to form part of their marketing mix. This month Pure360 is proud to announce the relaunch of its SMS marketing software.

PureResponse SMS marketing software has a number of new features designed to help you get the most from your SMS campaigns. Unique to Pure360 is SMS Interact which allows marketers to simply link SMS, email marketing, and even offline marketing. Email addresses that are texted in go straight to a list in PureResponse and an automated email can be sent directly in response, giving recipients a seamless communication using minimum resource.

PureResponse can be used to schedule targeted and personalised campaigns to lists and, when the campaign is complete, the system also offers full delivery reporting and opt out handling.

New sign up forms make it easy to capture mobile and email details from website visitors in order to grow existing databases. The PureResponse system can also ensure that messages are coming directly from a brand so they are easily identifiable.

Marc Munier, Pure360 Commercial Director, comments: “SMS marketing is the perfect tool to compliment any business’ existing marketing channels because it gives them the chance to instantaneously reach a consumer’s pocket. It is cost affective and can achieve fantastic results in terms of ROI.”

Published on: 11:23AM on 19th January 2011