(Melbourne, Australia) Kongo Digital is a service for Film Makers, Actors, Musicians, Artists and Writers to help them reach their potential digital audience through effective online strategies.

Without getting too technical and dull, we can take your brand and develop a digital strategy that encompasses your website, social media optimisation, digital media distribution, e-commerce and mobile capabilities.

We build your profile from the ground up so your website is optimized for both searchers and search engines, create a network or websites which will boost your profile worldwide and create content that is going to get you noticed.

Social Media is not just about telling your followers and fans about your latest thing, it’s about developing your brand and we can identify those influencers who can help you do this, as well as effectively communicate to engage the audience.

We also offer creative services which include website development, graphic design, creative development and media management, viral content creation and mobile app development.

Our aim is to let you concentrate on what you do best and we will work with you to make sure your work gets a worldwide online audience.

The 2 people behind Kongo Digital, Mike Tate and Adrian Bortignon have (between them) nearly 40 years of experience in the entertainment industry in online and offline retail, physical and digital media distribution, digital strategy and execution, online and multi-lingual marketing.

More information on Kongo Digital can be found here http://www.kongodigital.com, Twitter - @kongodigital, Email - hey@kongodigital.com

Published on: 12:33AM on 24th January 2011