Google has been named as the exclusive partner for The IDM's newly launched qualifications in digital marketing. Google has joined forces with the IDM to support the IDM Diploma and Certificate in digital marketing, which are profession's first steps towards a national vocational qualification structure for digital marketing.

The qualifications have been designed to create a structural pathway through which digital marketers can progress their careers and are designed to help establish digital marketing as a profession.

Every student will also benefit from being enrolled in the Google Advertising Professionals programme which complements the qualifications and, like the IDM's offering, supports lifelong learning.

Kate Burns, UK MD of AdSales and Operations at Google says, "The Google Advertising Professionals programme provides detailed training on how to run effective AdWords campaigns, generating the best ROI, in any country, in any vertical. Becoming a Google Advertising Professional will be an industry-wide accreditation which will enable businesses and individuals to showcase their experience and expertise to attract new and existing customers."

"Having seen the syllabi of these new qualifications we at Google are excited to be a part of the first steps towards the professionalisation of digital marketing. And we are looking forward to welcoming the IDM's first digital marketing graduates to our own training programme."

The new Certificate and Diploma in Digital Marketing have been developed following extensive research into the specific skills sets and knowledge pools of the digital marketing discipline and the growing demand in the job market for marketers with proven digital marketing know-how.

Their introduction is intended to counterbalance the anticipated and imminent digital marketing skills shortage while improving the performance and profile of digital marketing as a business discipline in its own right.

Professor Derek Holder, Managing Director of the IDM says, "Digital Marketing is growing at a prodigious rate, yet there are no vocational qualifications which recognise this trend. This means there is a threat of a severe skills shortage which, if ignored, will stem the discipline's growth through ignorance and ill-practice. Our new qualifications will support and nurture the digital marketers by creating an able and informed professional community."

The market's requirement for the qualification results from the growing application of digital media for marketing purposes coupled with a greater need for a consistent and quality experience of digital marketing for consumers, client organisations and marketing services companies alike.

The IDM is inviting applications for the courses with immediate effect and the first courses are scheduled to start in May.

The two qualifications will sit alongside the IDM's established and successful Certificate and Diploma in Direct and Interactive Marketing, which have over 8,000 graduates worldwide.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd February 2005