London – February 2, 2011 – Search analytics software leader, Searchmetrics, has introduced what it believes is the most comprehensive online link management tool currently on the market to help search engine marketers dramatically cut the manual effort involved in analysing and managing the volume of incoming ‘backlinks’ coming into web sites they are promoting from other relevant sites,

Searchmetrics’ Link Manager, part of the company’s web based Searchmetrics Suite software, has a number of unique features including the most frequently refreshed automatic link status updates and the capacity to manage data for up to 500,000 links. It includes a robust financial and contact management tracking system.

As the volume and quality of backlinks from other relevant sites is one of the main ranking factors the leading search engines use to determine the search visibility of any web site, link management is a key component of a business’ SEO strategy. Most backlink management has traditionally been handled manually, with search marketers maintaining lists of the links in Excel spreadsheets and updating link status by visiting the Web pages to ensure that the links are still active. For large websites and portals that operate in many markets and are supported by hundreds or thousands of links, this task can prove to be extremely laborious and costly to a company.

“To date, the majority of SEO backlink management has been monitored using a combination of spreadsheets, manual notes and Web browsing,” said Dr. Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics. “The new Searchmetrics Link Manager eliminates the need to manually track all the backlinks by providing an integrated online tool that enables them to control, manage, and evaluate all source and target URLs.”

The Searchmetrics Link Manager handles every aspect of the link management process: from automatic status updates every 48 hours and in-depth data filtering, to managing contacts and exchanges. By using this tool, enterprises are able to reallocate SEO resources, enabling them to focus on other areas that increase their competitive edge. Key features include:
• Add & manage up to 500,000 links
• Automatic link status and validity updates – every 48hrs
• Automatic import of new links found with backlink analysis function
• ROI management of your link structures
• Evaluate link strength with ranking information
• Import links that you have identified in our back link analysis tool and assign them to a specific project
• Link exchange management
• Contact manager: See the number of links you have across all domains associated to a specific contact
• Organize your links in up to 7 different link types
• Set attributes to any link, such as: link placement, content link, etc.
The Searchmetrics Link Manager is available now as part of the Searchmetrics Suite. For more information or for a demo, please contact: 01344 393 456 or visit our website

About Searchmetrics
Searchmetrics delivers the most comprehensive, integrated suite of search analytics available to help companies move their web content into the top positions of all leading search engines. With one of the world's largest keyword databases enabled by a globally distributed cloud-based infrastructure that constantly refreshes the keyword data, Searchmetrics replaces conventional single-purpose tools and manual processes with an integrated cockpit of sophisticated search analytics views. The results are unprecedented competitive insights and actionable recommendations for targeting SEO investments with predictable ROI.

Headquartered in Berlin, the now delivers real web intelligence to a growing UK customer base from offices in Bracknell, Berkshire. You can follow Searchmetrics on Twitter @Searchmetrics or on Facebook at For more information, please visit: or call 01344 393 456. .

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Published on: 10:32AM on 2nd February 2011