Overview & Brief
BeCheeky is a chic, UK-based lingerie and swimwear retailer with a trendy and easily navigable website. Offering stylish and sexy products from more than 70 brands, both famous names you’ll have heard of and up and coming new designers; a combination you won’t find on the High Street.
Stepping into 2011, five months since the consolidation of the BeCheeky affiliate programme from Linkshare to Affiliate Window, we take a closer look at how the exclusive relationship has resulted in a distinct increase in overall performance, and a new recruitment strategy geared towards attracting content fashion sites who add value to the programme.

As reported in the August 2010 press release, BeCheeky launched an affiliate programme with Linkshare in 2009 hoping to gain access to a variety of new affiliate partners in an effort to engage a larger share of online shoppers. It soon became evident that this objective was not being met, leading to the dissolution of their contract with Linkshare, and the formation of an exclusive relationship with Affiliate Window.

Strategy & Execution
Since consolidating, the programme has gone from strength to strength, demonstrated by a 45% increase in volume through the performance channel. Affiliates have proven to be an essential component to the success of BeCheeky’s overall marketing strategy, accounting for 23% of their total sales in 2010.
Following a successful migration campaign, consisting of increased commissions and discount codes, BeCheeky brought with them an exciting array of seasonal gift finder widgets teamed with their newly rebranded logo.

They employed an aggressive Christmas strategy including exclusive and bespoke codes, tiered commission increases for top performers as well as a competition to win £150. This consisted of a prize entry for every inclusion in a newsletter or homepage placement, with an additional bonus incentive for the overall top performer in the month of December. Their vintage inspired control wear for the party season was a big hit, as was their glowing Christmas gift range, resulting in a massive 47% increase in confirmed affiliate sales revenue in December 2010 compared with the year before.

Justine Wyness, Managing Director at BeCheeky comments; “The support and service we have received from Affiliate Window has been instrumental in reviving our affiliate programme and re-building sales lost from changing networks. The ROI achieved from the channel has substantially increased from previous networks we have worked with. The easy-to-use technology and clear reporting suite offered by Affiliate Window reduces the levels of administrative tasks and allows us to communicate more effectively and strengthen relationships with our affiliate partners.”

When calculating the success of the programme migration, combined with their tactical campaigns, YOY performance figures clearly outline how beneficial these modifications have been.
Looking at the data from 2009 – 2010, the total number of sales for the BeCheeky affiliate programme increased by a substantial 45%., The programme also saw a 29% uplift in the number of approved transactions with a 14% rise in sales revenue and a 16% increase in confirmed commissions paid to affiliates.

This was no doubt aided by the additional 254 publisher memberships secured since the migration; BeCheeky has seen a 30% increase in the number of affiliates on the programme including a variety of fashion and beauty content based affiliates such as Fashion Web and Woman’s Health Vibe.

The results achieved demonstrate the positive impact that the efficient day-to-day running of a programme can have; including the enhancement of affiliate relationships. With the support of these newly formed partnerships, and the continuous nurturing of existing relationships, BeCheeky look to enter 2011 with a strong start.

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Published on: 9:46AM on 8th February 2011