- Company Emerges As the Leading Independent Marketing Platform Provider Supporting B2B and B2C Organisations in Their Quest to Consistently Manage Customer Conversations-

TWICKENHAM, UK and NEWTON, Mass., USA – February 11, 2011 – Conversational marketing technology provider Neolane today announced a more than 40 percent increase in global revenues in 2010. With $30 million (USD) in total worldwide revenues, Neolane’s steady year-over-year growth was driven by the addition of more than 100 new enterprise customers. Neolane continues to reinvent how customers engage with global brands across inbound and outbound communications channels. As a result, Neolane stands as the world’s leading independent marketing platform for B2B and B2C organisations.

“The marketing software industry landscape is shifting under the pressure of vendor consolidation and new customer expectations for truly personalised, sustainable one-to-one lifetime dialogues,” said Stephane Dehoche, president and CEO, Neolane. “For B2C and B2B marketers, 2011 will be a pivotal year, a year where direct marketing is intensely challenged, a year where agile marketers must be prepared to fuse inbound/outbound channels and take advantage of every single customer interaction in order to drive revenues and loyalty. It is Neolane’s mission to be part of those interactions, no matter where the conversations are taking place.”

Neolane 2010 corporate milestones include:
• More than 100 new enterprise customer deals in North America and across Europe including global brands such as La Redoute, Auchan, Meteor Mobile, Debenhams, Sears Canada, EF Educational Tours and Telenor.
• Rapid adoption of its inbound/outbound fusion capabilities that support consistent, relevant offers across multiple channels including social, mobile, email, call centre and more.
• Expanding relationships with select, proven marketing service providers (MSPs), integrators and consultancies including Cramer, KBM Group, Logica, DBG and Omegapoint.
• An increase in headcount by more than 50 percent resulting in a total of 200 employees worldwide.

Impact of Changing Market Dynamics: The Future Is Conversational
With the value of customer interactions increasing across new technologies and expanding channels, it’s clear that the relationship between brands and customers/prospects has been forever changed. These changes require marketers to make yet another shift – to conversational marketing.

Only Neolane has the digital marketing DNA substantiated by its functional depth, breadth, flexibility and global experience to fully deliver on the promise of conversational marketing.
The foundation of conversational marketing technology is the ability to unify inbound and outbound communications strategies by providing a centralised system to track and manage all marketing activity data to generate targeted messaging and the best, most relevant offers based on customer behaviour and established preferences.

“At Neolane, we have long talked about the virtues of being an independent software vendor. A commitment to innovative technology development and strong corporate vision based emphatically on customer needs are tightly woven within our culture,” continued Dehoche. “The ability to establish and maintain a sense of customer intimacy, while providing the power of choice – not restricting customers to using particular databases, analytics or CRM solutions –
is where Neolane continues to deliver rapid, demonstrable value. To us, independence is more than a buzzword, it is tangible, inherent value that directly translates into loyal, long-term relationships.”

About Neolane
Neolane provides the only conversational marketing technology that empowers organisations to build and sustain one-to-one lifetime dialogues, dramatically increasing revenue and marketing efficiency. Born digital, with best-in-class email and inbound-outbound channel fusion capabilities architected into a single code-based platform, marketers achieve results in record time. Neolane is easy to use for both power and casual users, but powerful enough to drive the most sophisticated marketing strategies. Future proof, Neolane has a track record of enabling its customers to adapt to new customer engagement challenges and exploit opportunities more quickly than their competition. Neolane is used by more than 300 of the world’s leading companies including Sony Music, Alcatel-Lucent, Orange, Sears Canada and Sephora. Visit www.neolane.com and read our blog The Cross-Channel Conversation.

Published on: 1:50PM on 11th February 2011