New white paper offers insight into dynamic, ‘event-driven’, email campaigns

Following retail guru and ‘Secret Shopper’ Mary Portas taking UK businesses to task over their poor treatment of consumers, E-Village is advising digital marketers on how to introduce a ‘traditional’ element of customer service to their email campaigns.

‘Event-driven email marketing campaigns: why technology must be combined with insight’ is the latest in a series of white papers from the creator of CRM-focused email marketing tool Clang ( It offers an overview of the practicalities of event-driven marketing, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls, and is available to download for free from:

Event-driven email marketing uses a customer's preferences, interests and specific online activity to generate – or ‘trigger’ - an associated email. A prospect researching a product or service via an organisation’s website might be sent a message containing additional, related, information. Or an email offering a discount or suggesting alternative products can be sent to a customer that starts shopping online but abandons their basket before buying their goods. Other examples include sending birthday greetings on the relevant date, and the offer of a gift that relates to previously-expressed interests.

Used intelligently, dynamic email campaigns can introduce an element of ‘old-style’ customer service to ecommerce because the content of the messages is based on each individual customer’s online behaviour and lifecycle events. Event-driven email marketing can also strengthen an organisation’s relationship with the customer, regardless of whether they make a purchase – the key is to provide information that is timely, relevant and of value and therefore encourages continued engagement.

“The criticism often levied at ecommerce is the lack of human interaction, which prevents it being timely and truly personalised,” explains Rogier van der Veen, UK business development manager for Clang. “However, intelligent event-driven email marketing tackles this issue head-on by providing the missing ‘customer service’ link that many consumers feel enhances the online shopping experience.”

Event-driven email marketing requires a CRM-focused approach that ensures as much information as possible about each customer’s needs, interests and upcoming events in their life is gathered and made easily accessible.

“The same rules for respecting the customer apply for dynamic email campaigns as for any other. Very simply, customer data is key and must be used to generate communications that ensure the recipients feel valued and individual,’ adds van der Veen.

A free copy of ‘Dynamic email marketing campaigns: why technology must be combined with insight’ is available to download from the Clang website:


About E-Village and Clang:
E-Village ( was founded in 1999 in The Netherlands to provide digital marketing technology, with a key focus on email marketing. Today it continues to focus on developing sophisticated technology that enables organisations to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers. Its believes that Customer Relationship Management (CRM), lies at the heart of email marketing, and has built its flagship tool, Clang, around this principle.

Clang combines state of the art email marketing, content design, CRM, campaign management and powerful analytics software in an all-in-one, easy-to-use application. The unique platform contains a variety of innovative functionalities and features, the unique combination of which answers the needs of today’s e-marketer.

Current Clang customers include (direct and via partners) include: Albelli, BCD Travel, GM, G-Star, Holiday Cottages Group, KLM, MySecurityCenter, Shell, and The Phone House.

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Published on: 9:46AM on 22nd February 2011