Connecting to colleagues, customers and suppliers has never been easier, cheaper or more environmentally-friendly.

Whether you’re running a small business or operating a multi-national corporation, in today’s challenging markets it’s vital that you’re able to reliably connect with business partners and clients. Being able to provide the personal touch and respond to the needs of others without delay can sometimes make all the difference between keeping or losing contracts.

It’s good to know that Meetupcall’s entire focus is on delivering flexible and reliable teleconferencing solutions that are simple to use, save your business money and reduce its carbon footprint (

From Argentina to Vietnam, our conference call services are being expanded all the time to provide dial-in numbers for more and more countries. Our services are built in such a way that you can count on us to deliver exceptional reliability and call quality through our next-generation enterprise-grade IP networks and purpose-built data centres (

Don’t see the country you require? It might be added very soon! Check out the Meetupcall website at or call customer services on +44(0)203 291 2313. You can also email and, whichever option you choose, you can be sure of a quick, friendly and helpful reply.

COMPANY BIO: Meetupcall is a new technology startup founded in 2009 with a well-established background and extensive experience in the industry. The company’s goal is to bring high-quality, low-cost teleconferencing services to businesses of all sizes. Meetupcall is run efficiently and effectively with an ongoing commitment to demonstrating social responsibility, helping other businesses to do the same.

Published on: 4:57PM on 22nd February 2011