Organisations are increasingly adopting open source software (OSS) to gain competitive advantage and increased flexibility, according to recent research from Gartner. Reflecting these survey results, Squiz, the open source web experience management company, has reported a record-breaking 2010, with 20% global growth and a number of high profile client wins.

Gartner's research surveyed 547 IT leaders, in 11 countries, to determine the usage habits and levels of adoption of OSS. Over 50% of the organisations surveyed include OSS as part of their IT strategy. The respondents cited benefits of greater flexibility, increased innovation, shorter development times and speed of procurement as reasons for selecting OSS, although the traditional advantage of lower cost of ownership also remains a major factor.

The research demonstrates an ongoing trend of increased adoption of OSS within organisations and a shift in the perceived benefits. Squiz has witnessed these developments first-hand since the company's inception in Sydney in 1998. The market for OSS has steadily expanded, whilst requirements have matured to necessitate sophisticated solutions, equal in functionality and performance to proprietary alternatives.

Squiz reported a record-breaking 2010, with 20% global growth, confirming the successful launch of its new web experience management suite, the Squiz Suite. The highly advanced and usable web platform has augmented the company's appeal to online marketing teams that require powerful tools to manage and optimise their online properties.

New Squiz clients include The Association of National Park Authorities, Surrey County Council, The West Kent Council Partnership, publishing and events company DatacenterDynamics, City University, the University of Bedfordshire and Brunel University.

Stephen Morgan, Director of Squiz UK commented; "We have responded to the needs of our clients with a suite of tools which help them to go beyond managing web content. The Squiz Suite allows organisations to engage with their users with sophisticated websites, intranets and online applications. It has all the flexibility and innovation advantages of open source software, plus it can be hosted on our own cloud environment and is globally supported to offer complete assurance for even complex systems."

Looking forward, Squiz plans to solidify its leadership in Higher Education and develop its market share in Government and the public sector. Increasing pressure on budgets and growing interest in shared services represent opportunities for Squiz to offer web solutions which can achieve a greater return on investment as well as increases in efficiency and flexibility.

About Squiz and The Squiz Suite

Squiz has over twelve years of experience in delivering successful open source web solutions (websites, intranets, extranets and portals). The company was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1998, and now has offices in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. Squiz work with some of the world's leading organisations including the University of Oxford, Emap, The Australian Federal Government and the UK’s Electoral Commission and National Health Service.

The Squiz Suite is an open source web experience management suite that incorporates a revolutionary content management system, innovative analytics capabilities, highly effective search and a robust platform for integrating applications and data. These elements together form a powerful, yet usable platform for the creation, management and optimisation of compelling online experiences.

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About Gartner and the Gartner Survey

Gartner, Inc. is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company.

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Published on: 12:59PM on 23rd February 2011