~ Checkbridge offers 'carrot' for ISPs to fill gap in the market ~

LONDON, 25 February 2005: Today, a new company is launching the first fully managed email security service, designed specifically for European Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Named Checkbridge, the company is responding to a growing demand for ISPs to provide spam and virus-free email to the business and residential sector. The service, called Border Scout, is already in use with the largest independent European ISP, Clara.net.

The pressure for ISP's to shoulder the burden of email filtering is growing:
* 77% of businesses and 60% of residential email users believe that ISPs should be responsible for spam filtering and anti-virus provision.
* 61% of businesses say that an ISP's filtering provision is a significant criteria in their decision making.*

Given that legislation is not yet in place to ensure filtering is done by ISPs and that the services currently on the market are not designed to run filtering on the ISPs' behalf, many service providers have been left to develop an email filtering solution in house. With the increasing commoditisation of the industry this is not economically viable.

The Border Scout managed email filtering service fills the market gap, for ISPs. Border Scout blocks unwanted email before it reaches the ISP's customers. It leaves the ISP and its client with centralised control and visibility of email filtering, without the hassle of day to day administration. There is no additional hardware, software or management overhead and the service can be fully integrated and ready to offer to end clients in just a few days.

Multi-layered spam filters, signature scanners and heuristic virus protection are at the heart of the Border Scout service. In order to offer highly competitive spam and virus detection Checkbridge combines its own expertise with the very best from other vendors. Its partners include Cloudmark (using Authority), ESet (Nod 32), and Trend Micro.

The fully managed spam filtering element allows a high degree of configurability to the end customer, via a secure, web-based portal. The portal provides access for administrators and users at all levels - individual, company and globally within the ISP.

Designed specifically for the needs of ISPs, Border Scout:
1. can be invisibly integrated into the ISP's billing and customer management infrastructure 2. routes email traffic to individual mail accounts (the entire domain does not need to be redirected), allowing residential customers to join the service 3. has an interface designed to provide control and visibility at the ISP, client admin, and client end user levels 4. has a pricing structure designed to help ISPs build revenue

For large corporations, desktop or server and gateway filtering solutions for spam and virus protection are often inadequate and, most critically, can only respond reactively to threats. For the purposes of cost and performance, it is increasingly more appropriate for businesses to filter email through a managed service. ISPs are in an ideal position to fulfill the market demand. But to date, third party services available are geared for end users and not the ISP.

Talking about the launch of Checkbridge, John Turley, managing director, says "Despite the pressure to take on the ownership of filtering, ISP's have neither the 'stick' through legislation nor the 'carrot' through a viable commercial application to accept the responsibility."

He continues, "Border Scout is designed to give ISPs a fully integrated service with commercial terms which mean that it is attractive to them to offer filtering."

Checkbridge was set up in 2004 to help mitigate the risk of email failure to businesses in Europe. Checkbridge's aim is simply to 'enable trusted communication'. Checkbridge achieves this by providing a fully-managed spam and virus filtering service for ISPs, called Border Scout.

Border Scout is a fully managed, configurable, email filtering service, blocking unwanted email at the internet level, before it reaches a business
or residential network or computer. Border Scout leaves an ISP's client
with centralised control and visibility of content filtering, without the hassle day to day administration.

The Border Scout service is deployed across multiple servers in three premier European data centres, to ensure that the service is available twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year.

* Note: The survey, carried out in September 2004, was targeted at 16,000 UK corporate and residential email users with a response rate of 7%.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 25th February 2005