24/7 Media director of publisher solutions arrives to conduct full review of publisher technology and services; Part of 2011 publisher push at UK’s fastest growing ad network

Advanced ad network Tribal Fusion has appointed Sid Khemka, former director of publisher solutions at WPP-owned 24/7 Media, to drive the development of a new series of products for publishers on its network.

Khemka has taken the role of global publisher products director and is conducting a full-scale review of the publisher market and Tribal Fusion’s already advanced technical platforms to scope, design and build innovations for publishers. His review is expected to encompass potential innovations in ad delivery, advanced yield optimisation, real-time bidding, reporting and consumer privacy.

The role is part of Tribal Fusion’s partner approach to publishers. According to ComSCORE figures, the company was the UK’s fastest growing ad network last year but is keen to grow value for its publishers further through advanced tools and account management capabilities.

Tim Brown, EU general manager of Tribal Fusion, said: “Sid’s arrival is a clear stepping stone for us to grow the services we offer our publishers and help them make the most of the incredibly advanced systems now available for the monetisation of display inventory. His review and the products that emerge, are a keystone of our long-term strategy to drive as hard as possible the benefits that our publishers gain from working directly through us.”

Khemka spent six years at 27/& Media where he drove business development of the ad management platform - Open AdStream, including analytics, behavioural targeting, optimisation and contract management and helped recruit new media owners to the business, including The Guardian, Autotrader and Five.

He said: “Publishers have been left behind by many of the advances in the display market as incumbent businesses and new arrivals have both sought to strip as much short-term value from display inventory as possible. But, Tribal Fusion has a different approach and sees clearly that it is only by working effectively for both advertisers and publishers that balance in the display advertising ecosystem can be achieved and the market grow for the benefit of all, including site users.

“My mission is to drive that balance by scoping and delivering technical services that help publishers maximise their effectiveness in monetising inventory through our network. We will be working hard to identify precisely which products will help achieve that and developing them in partnership with advertisers, agencies and media owners.”

About Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is a new breed of online advertising network. We combine technology, audience data and publisher partnerships to deliver high-performing online display campaigns across the fastest growing network of websites in the UK.

Our proprietary contextualisation technology is integrated on a single platform with targeting, optimisation, and creative tools to provide advertisers with a better understanding of their customers and the ability to reach out to those customers with new levels of effectiveness.

Tribal Fusion was founded in 2001 and is part of the Exponential Group of online businesses – a technology-enabled media services company headquartered in Emeryville, California with operations in 17 locations worldwide.

Published on: 3:49PM on 24th February 2011