The Turquoise Holiday Company has asserted itself as a market leading bespoke tour operator, an organisation that has unlike many of its competitors embraced the social media and online networking platform in order to meet the demands and changing needs of its expanding client base.

Turquoise were one of the first travel specialists to bring the concept of the honeymoon gift list to the UK, having been inspired by the popularity that the format had achieved in continental Europe. The crux of the idea is based upon the sociological and economic evolution of the modern couple; today more and more marriages are preceded by long and well established relationships as opposed to the get married first and ask questions later conviction of the early to mid 20th century. Now it is very possible and even likely that a newlywed couple have lived together for months, years or even decades before they decided to concretise their relationship within the bonds of nuptial formality.

With this in mind the worth of a traditional wedding gift list is rendered somewhat redundant. An overabundance of everyday knick knacks and appliances become even more unnecessary when all of these commonplace essentials (and quite often not-so-essentials) have already been addressed and accumulated during the couple’s life together in pre-wedlock. Turquoise's extensive honeymoon destination profile and expertise ( make the gift list a natural addition to their offering.

By utilising the flexibility and on demand delivery of an interactive digital system, Turquoise offer prospective newlyweds the opportunity to personalise and amend an experience led online honeymoon list ( which instead of saleable items consists of excursions, upgrades, events and other features i.e. champagne breakfast or spa treatments. Well wishers make secure online contributions to whatever item they wish or simply offer a monetary donation towards the overall cost of the honeymoon. This money can be withdrawn by the couple whenever it is required and if any excess funds remain after the honeymoon has been fully compensated for, the amount is simply transferred to a preferred bank account.

Sales and Marketing Director James Bell intends to further develop the use of social media in conjunction with the honeymoon gift list by providing couples with the option to integrate their personal list with a YouTube video, allowing the honeymooners to thank all of their contributors, outline the general theme and sentiment they would like their honeymoon to embody and simply give a more intimate and heartfelt perspective to the process. A further concept is that friends and family themselves will be able to optionally upload their own videos of well wishing and support, an even more personal way to participate in what represents a unique and life changing experience.

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Published on: 1:56PM on 25th February 2011