Those searching for fancy dress using their iPhone or smart device will now be able to easily browse over 4,000 available outfits following the launch of All Fancy Dress’ optimised mCommerce site.

With the increasing prevalence of Smartphone users visiting, mobile optimisation was identified as a natural way of maximising that traffic and driving sales growth. Crafted Media developed the mCommerce site to provide these visitors with a user interface specifically designed for a compact screen which provided the same ease-of-purchasing and consistency as a customer accessing the full site on their computer.

Commenting on the decision to provide a mCommerce site, Matt Foden, Marketing Manager at All Fancy Dress, added:

“We have seen significant year-on-year business growth over the course of the last 4 years, which is directly attributed to our website. We predict that, by offering the same access on smart devices, sales will continue to rise throughout 2011 and beyond.

“Visitors to the mCommerce site are able to refine and filter results quickly and easily whilst the product pages offer a condensed version of the standard web pages.”

Commenting on the design, Rob Doole, Creative Director at Crafted Media, said:

“It is essential that retailers such as All Fancy Dress offer customers a seamless journey across all channels, including mobile platforms.

“Since we needed to accommodate for a breadth of screen sizes across the vast range of mobile devices and platforms now available, (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) the design is extremely fluid enabling the pages to be rendered as quickly and attractively as possible in each scenario. Simplicity was the key; using flat colour and clean layouts we have created a solution that looks slick and is very easy to use.”

Matt, added:

“We are delighted with our mobile commerce solution. Crafted Media have developed the site to ensure that it shares the same code base as our main site, thereby feeding off of the same data and images, creating an intuitive interface whilst avoiding data re-entry. Code duplication is also reduced, minimising our on-going maintenance costs. Mobile commerce represents an exciting and valuable new channel for us and we look forward to seeing it grow!”

Published on: 3:28PM on 25th February 2011