PlusNet is giving UK Internet customers the opportunity to try out public Wireless Broadband for free, via BT’s Openzone ‘hotspots’ which cover over 1500 restaurants, hotels and major rail stations and other public places.

Public wireless broadband enables users to check email and surf the web via their own laptop while at lunch in the local, or working away from home. PlusNet customers can register for the free trial service as a simple addition to their existing subscription and benefit from unlimited free wireless minutes until the end of March.

PlusNet’s Marketing Director, Marco Potesta, explained “PlusNet have teamed up with BT Openzone to give our customers the chance to experience this innovative new service, which opens up a whole new way of using the Internet, for free. We’ve put together a straightforward package that delivers low cost broadband at home, wireless hardware kits to get you mobile in the house and garden, and now free minutes for broadband when you’re out-and-about. We’re taking the latest technologies and making access to the web as fast, flexible and fun as possible.”

Working wirelessly away from the desk is beginning to capture the imagination of business users, who are now realising the benefit additional flexibility can provide. Public Wireless Broadband delivers the same speed and quality of access as conventional broadband.

Once you have registered for your minutes from PlusNet, you can tell when you're in a BT Openzone hotspot by the distinctive BT Openzone sign, or by starting your wireless enabled laptop and viewing the available networks.

If you haven’t bought broadband yet, or want to move to PlusNet, visit



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Notes to Editor

About the offer;

Started on Wednesday 23 February

Open to all existing and new customers of PlusNet plc

Ends 31 March 2005

At the end of the trial period, customers must either de-register or will be transferred to payment plan so they can continue to enjoy the freedom wireless broadband offers.

Full terms and conditions apply and will be available at

About BT OpenZone

BT Openzone is a convenient, easy-to-use wireless broadband internet access service. Using wireless technology (Wi-Fi), you can access the internet - with no download limits - at any of the thousands of access points (hotspots) in an increasing number of places such as cafés, hotels and airports in the UK and abroad. For more information visit

About PlusNet plc.

PlusNet plc ( is an industry leading Internet Service Provider offering quality services to residential and business customers. PlusNet provides award winning Broadband connectivity together with a host of related products and services and Narrowband connectivity.

PlusNet is well known within the UK’s web community for offering exceptional customer service and value for money, combining service reliability and outstanding support with some of the UK’s lowest Broadband prices.

With a unique low-cost operating model, based on a flexible and scalable self-developed operating system, PlusNet records high profitability, whilst delivering competitively priced, high quality products.

Financial results for 2004 showed turnover increased 60% over 2003 to £27.8m, while operating profit before exceptional flotation costs was up £58% over 2003 to £2.9m.

In 2004 PlusNet was awarded Future Publishing's “Best Consumer ISP” and “Customer Service” awards.

PlusNet aims to be at the centre of its customers’ Broadband world as their first choice for Broadband-enabled services, such as VoIP, Wi-Fi and content.

Further information about PlusNet plc may be found at the Company’s investor relations site:

Published on: 12:00AM on 28th February 2005