London, 21 March, 2011 – A new survey of senior marketing communications professionals worldwide has revealed the nature and extent of corporate responses to the changing digital landscape. Key themes for 2011 include the requirement for firms to upgrade their content creation abilities, and the need to reorganize marketing functions and agency relationships to address new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

The survey, conducted by Econsultancy, publisher of best practice digital marketing reports and research, and commissioned by Bite Communications, involved in-depth conversations and responses from more than 50 senior communications executives drawn from a broad range of industries, and located in North America, Europe and Asia.

The report is entitled Many Voices, One Message, and can be downloaded from or

Key findings include:

• The single greatest need expressed by the executives we interviewed was for a better capability in creating content. They see the necessity for exciting, engaging and often entertaining content which can build and sustain viral momentum.

• Respondents say that the walls between communications silos are breaking down. Coalescing teams, talent and technology is seen as a necessity when the lines of communication are always open to an ever wider set of audiences.

• Companies must develop a digital skill set to complement their traditional competencies. They have to learn new communications platforms, explore emerging channels and be able to tell their stories with an expanding palette of creative options.

• The future is arriving at different times for specific regions and industries. Respondents in parts of Asia see change as inevitable, but slower moving than in the West.

Among a slew of reports and white papers addressing the subject from a theoretical or single geographic market standpoint, the research was designed to illuminate actual practice on the ground in North America, Europe and Asia.

“Getting a global perspective was vital for a study of the state of communications, because even in a seemingly borderless digital world, there are real differences,” said Stefan Tornquist, Research Director, Econsultancy. “Yet there were two persistent threads in the study. The first was that communications is changing profoundly. The second was that it isn’t changing at all.”

“It’s clear from the research that communications success in 2011 and beyond depends in part on time-tested communications disciplines, combined with a clear view of role of the customer, and a focus on engaging and stimulating content,” said Clive Armitage, CEO, Bite communications. “We think every brand needs a compelling point of view, and the digital tools to shape valuable conversations.”

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Published on: 10:04AM on 21st March 2011