Avonline was recently hand picked to provide Wireless Broadband access for Madonna and Guy Ritchie at their country estate in Wiltshire. The Satellite Broadband service was delivered by Avonline just before Guy Ritchie and Madonna renewed their vows during their fourth wedding anniversary on Dec 22 2004.

The custom installation required camouflage for the satellite dish to allow it to blend in with the prestigious surroundings. To minimise the impact of the installation, once the satellite equipment was successfully installed, the latest wireless technology was then added to distribute a Broadband connection to three separate parts of the estate. Other than high speed wireless Broadband access around the estate, the recent guests at Ashcombe House would be hard pressed to notice that Avonline were ever there.

With an expanding selection of VIP customers including London Stock Exchange, Sony, Merrill Lynch and the London School of Economics, Avonline is skilled at delivering a high quality bespoke service where thoughtful planning and special consideration of customer requirements is paramount.

In addition to Broadband Internet access, typically, our Satellite installations can support Wireless (“WiFi”) hotspots, Voice over IP (VOIP), Video streaming and CCTV/Security systems. A UK network of experienced Avonline technicians ensure each installation runs smoothly.

Avonline plc is one of the UK’s leading Network, Installation and Telecommunications companies with over 700 staff throughout the UK. The company uses Broadband Satellite links to provide a localised high speed network, available throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Avonline are the largest reseller of Satlynx services with over 500 satellite installations throughout the UK and Europe.

Contact :-

Tony Waters
Head of Telecoms
Avonline plc
0117 953 1111


Published on: 12:00AM on 6th January 2005