LAMBERTVILLE, N.J. – March 31, 2011 – Marketorum, LLC announced today the launch of The Social Sprocket™, a social media service offering with three product levels customizable to organizations looking to develop and implement a strategic social media plan.

The Social Sprocket focuses on Facebook, which has more than 500 million active users, as the hub around which the socio-digital ecosystem revolves. The Marketorum team creates, implements, measures and analyzes customized social media solutions based on a client’s unique opportunity, challenge and/or problem.

“Social media has really taken the world by storm and it’s no longer a question of ‘if,’ but of ‘when and how’ businesses start taking full advantage of the power these channels of communication present,” said Fabrizzio Busso-Campana, EVP and developer of The Social Sprocket. “The goal of The Social Sprocket is to help companies grow by truly connecting with their customers, which is one of the unique benefits of social media.”

The Social Sprocket begins to turn with the development and optimization of properly constructed Facebook page(s) that maximize use of available features. Client-specific strategic plans are then implemented, with focus on content development and individual user engagement. Program results are reported to clients through aggregated data from a proprietary process, working to measure success and pinpoint areas of improvement. The service also offers Facebook and social media advertising campaigns, proven to be one of the most effective advertising platforms ever due to unique targeting capabilities.

“With The Social Sprocket, we leverage our extensive knowledge of individual social media platforms with the attributes, types, actions and demands of the social consumer to help people connect with people,” said Busso-Campana. “Social media, in its most basic element, is based on the individual relationships maintained through communication, and our understanding of these fundamental principles combined with industry standard best practices let us maximize these platforms.”

The available packages include basic, professional and premium with prices starting as low as $349 per month. Additional available features include various levels of strategic counseling, copy-writing and social media platforms in addition to Facebook, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon and Foursquare.

“Social media is not voodoo! It is the most powerful of communication channels that organizations have at their disposal,” said Busso-Campana. “The paradigm shift is that they are two-way channels, which for organizations is outside the zone of comfort. To successfully engage in two-way communication with the marketplace is the ‘make or break’ factor in today’s business climate.”

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Published on: 3:59PM on 31st March 2011