EMBARGO: 00.01 BST, APRIL 1st 2011

LONDON, April 1st, 2011 – Touchnote, the company that turns your photos into postcards, today announced a new partnership with Buckingham Palace that will consign the customary 100th birthday telegram to history. From this week, all centenarians will receive a personalised postcard, with a photo of the Queen, ordered from the Queen’s mobile phone.

The Queen’s spokesman, the Hon. Reginald Isner, said, “This partnership demonstrates that Her Majesty is in touch with modern trends and is not afraid to reinvent traditions. Her Majesty is extremely interested in technology and is an avid follower of Stephen Fry on Twitter. She has downloaded a number of popular apps to the royal smartphone, including Angry Birds, foursquare as well as Touchnote. She loves being able to send personalised postcards and the fact that they cost only £1.49 has gone down extremely well with the Queen’s Treasurer in these difficult financial times. Her Majesty is aware that her views carry great weight and doesn’t want to publicly support only one of the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 or HP WebOS platforms. Fortunately, as the Touchnote app is available on all of these platforms, she can remain impartial.”

Raam Thakrar, CEO of Touchnote, said, “we are extremely excited about this announcement. The Queen is the ultimate British brand and we are proud to help the Palace in any way possible. We will start showing the Royal Warrant in our apps, on our products and on the Touchnote website from next week.”

About Touchnote


Live from late 2008, Touchnote is a mobile and online service that lets you create your postcards from your photos. Touchnote for Mobile was the first mobile application that enabled customers to create and send a personalised physical product directly from the mobile phone. Touchnote has partnered with Sony Ericsson, HP, Nokia, Microsoft and the Post Office.



Published on: 6:45PM on 31st March 2011