SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 30, 2011 –, the international online booking company, will upgrade to the latest version of the Price Intelligence Suite for Travel from Lixto, Inc., a three-year customer of Lixto, is furthering its investment with the company to take advantage of the new version’s advanced market analytics, rate optimisation planning, and integration of qualitative information, according to Jason Houle, vice president of travel solutions at Lixto. The features in the latest version of the Price Intelligence Suite enhance comprehensive modelling, ongoing “what if” analysis and accurate analysis of competitor rates.

The Price Intelligence Suite is a web extraction and analysis system that allows sales, revenue and financial management to obtain up-to-date views on competitors’ pricing strategies by accessing and monitoring information on thousands of offerings and rate points across multiple websites quickly, accurately and reliably.

According to Renate Cohaus, senior account service manager with, “With the latest version of Lixto Price Intelligence Suite for Travel, we can analyze deeper pricing trends in the industry. Better understanding of hotel service, customer satisfaction ratings, and hotel compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs) will help become that much more effective in long-term business planning.”

The new Price Intelligent Suite version’s enhanced market analytics offer more detailed information on market dynamics for specified categories and competitors, says Houle. With an understanding of how many competitors market properties, and full trend analysis, managers can make better rate decisions by quickly evaluating the impact of rate changes – of competitors and their own companies’ – on margin and market share.

Added qualitative customer rankings and review information afford the ability to move beyond simple competitive price analysis and SLA assurances, and gain a much more complete picture of the competitive landscape. “Many online travel companies already recognize the need to understand and manage short-term competitive pricing to help maintain and increase business. But those that can harness information on supplier pricing compliance, and deeper trends in pricing that impact specific properties or visitor destinations, will be those that gain substantial competitive edge in the market.”

Users of the Lixto Price Intelligence Suite receive extracted data results online through easy-to-read dashboard reports that clearly highlight possible threats and opportunities, and support decision-making that can positively impact volume, margins and the bottom line. The suite offers e-mail updates, sophisticated analysis and drill-down capabilities, and with browser-based data access. ( AG, with its international brands and TravelRes, runs a free-of-charge hotel reservation service for companies and private users on,,,,, and The company offers 210,000 hotels worldwide for online booking, and savings of up to 40 percent over competitive sites. Companies, including Procter & Gamble, SAP AG, Texas Instruments Inc. And Ernst & Young AG use the corporate application.

Lixto, Inc. (,
Lixto, Inc., is an international leader in web data extraction and analysis. The company’s Price Intelligence Suite extracts specific, precise data from the web, offering competitive price visibility that empowers better decision-making and drives operational performance. Companies throughout the world, including Insight Direct, USA, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Hama,, Iberostar Hotels,, and ZF Friedrichshafen, have adopted Lixto solutions.

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Published on: 4:05PM on 2nd April 2011