UK’s leading business text provider, Esendex, reveals that British consumers truly value brands that use text messaging to engage with them.

Esendex's survey questioned consumers about how they prefer businesses to communicate with them and it reveals that consumers have a high regard for brands that use text messaging (SMS) for customer communications.

An extraordinary 97 per cent of participants said they prefer to buy goods from companies who text them with a time and date for their delivery. And 87 per cent prefer to deal with businesses who use SMS to remind them of details of their appointments.

Geoff Love, Marketing Director at Esendex comments: “Mobile consumers represent an intriguing target for UK marketers, particularly as technology and behaviours are constantly shifting. With 130 per cent of UK consumers owning a mobile phone* more and more marketers are beginning to realise that SMS is quite possibly the most cost-effective mobile communication tool that enables them to talk directly to their customers.

“Our study explores the way in which consumers prefer brands to engage with them and highlights the power that text messaging still yields as a form of communication, even as new technologies, such as Smartphones and apps, emerge in mobile marketing.”

Esendex’s survey identified that 88 per cent of respondents said they would be more likely to attend an appointment if they received a reminder via text message. Interestingly, nearly 50 per cent of participants said they’re even willing to pay the standard text message charge for certain items, such as travel tickets, to receive updates - making the service free (or even a potential source of revenue) to businesses.

“People like being kept up-to-date about what’s happening, particularly when it comes to on-line purchases, so SMS is ideal as it’s simple, informative and immediate. What’s apparent from the survey is that consumers engage with text messaging, emphasising its ability to enhance customer service.” says Love.

"What's encouraging is that not only do we now know that customers really value brands that use SMS, but we already know that those businesses see lower operating costs and higher sales - so it's a real win-win."

An infographic representing the results of the survey can viewed at:

Esendex currently works with brands such as Ocado and, both of whom use Esendex’s SMS solutions to advise customers of the progress of their online purchases. Sk;n, the UK's leading skin health & beauty experts rely on Esendex to remind customers of their appointment details, ensuring that customers are more likely to remember to attend their session.

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About Esendex
Esendex is the UK's leading business SMS company. Founded in Nottingham in 2001, Esendex now has over 10,000 customers around the world and offices in San Francisco, Melbourne and Barcelona.

Young, entrepreneurial and ambitious, Esendex helps businesses harness the power of SMS to communicate with their customers and staff. At the forefront of this rapidly growing market, the company expects turnover to reach £7m in 2011.

With direct connections to all the mobile networks, Esendex provides high quality, mission critical business messaging systems, because it knows that every message matters.
Continued investment and a steady stream of new products and services will ensure that Esendex retains its position at the forefront of the business messaging market.

*Source: ITU

Published on: 10:44AM on 6th April 2011