Latitude Digital Marketing, one of UK’s leading digital marketing agencies is working with the Meningitis Trust in a pro bono venture to help increase their brand awareness. Latitude is working with the Meningitis Trust on the Google Grant program using the grant budget of up to $300/day to help boost brand awareness for the Meningitis Trust.
The Meningitis Trust released the world’s first free iphone app which helps people spot signs and symptoms of meningitis. Latitude stepped in to help promote the Meningitis Trust’s new app through mobile targeted Adwords campaigns.
Campaigns were built to target iphones, android phones and other operating system based phones separately. In two months, the Latitude PPC Team had generated a mobile CTR of 9.29%. Mobile clicks made up 9.58% of the total Adwords account clicks. This is a substantial percentage of the overall volume and emphasises Latitudes 2010 Mobile Search Report’s findings that mobile clicks on an average make up over 5% of the total PPC click volume across our clients.

Alex Hoye, CEO at Latitude said, “The year of the mobile is here and we are harnessing it. The results of the campaign also demonstrate the growing importance of mobile as a medium. Our ability in driving such a high CTR for the Meningitis Trust from a low budget demonstrates the arbitrage opportunity in mobile for budgets in all sizes.”

Richard Hudson, Digial Media Manager for the Meningitis Trust said, “The adwords campaign that Latitude managed to promote our iphone app has led to a tremendous increase in downloads and brand awareness. We’re extremely happy to be working with Latitude and hope to continue to nurture this relationship in the future.”

Richard Gregory, COO of Latitude said, “We are delighted to be able to use our expertise in search marketing to help the Meningitis Trust raise awareness on the symptoms of meningitis.”

Published on: 3:08PM on 8th April 2011