Global performance company with £1B in digital media under management for 500+ blue-chip advertisers expands under a new name to revolutionize digital marketing

LONDON & NEW YORK -- April 11, 2011 -- Today, the new company IgnitionOne was launched, created by combining SearchIgnite, a global performance marketing technology, with on-site optimization and real-time audience scoring capabilities from its sister company Netmining.

The new company will offer a single dashboard (“Digital Marketing Suite”) for performance marketers that will enable them to manage and optimize their advertising, receive advanced cross-channel attribution and analytics, and optimize onsite conversions.

The current online marketing technology landscape is fragmented and complex, with a multitude of technology providers offering point solutions that only solve a portion of marketers’ needs. This creates a real challenge for marketers, who often work with multiple technologies in an effort to achieve their online marketing goals. IgnitionOne will streamline this landscape by providing marketers with numerous best of breed performance marketing solutions united under a single interface and tracking tag.

“IgnitionOne is the first-and-only technology solution that effectively bundles the many online technologies we use every day under one platform, which makes us more efficient, improves our marketing performance and more importantly, our ROI,” said Ted Schweitzer, Vice President of E-Commerce for La Quinta Inns & Suites. “It’s really solving a major void in the marketplace. With our digital efforts essential to the growth and success of our brand, IgnitionOne’s centralized Digital Marketing Suite is a marketplace necessity, not a luxury.”

A simple, single tag will power all of IgnitionOne’s capabilities, which include:

• Centralized paid search, display and Facebook ad campaign management

• Full Display DSP functionality for real-time-biddable(RTB) media buying

• Cross-channel attribution and advanced analytics dashboards

• On-site optimization transferred from Netmining, powered by a proven, proprietary audience algorithm

Previously, marketers and their agencies were forced to connect a multitude of tags and log into many different dashboards for these initiatives. With one platform, marketers will gain efficiencies and see performance improvements as a result of using one audience scoring technology to track and optimize all of their marketing messaging in real-time. For example, marketers using IgnitionOne’s platform can use the same behavioral score for their website’s content optimization as they do for optimizing their display retargeting campaigns.

“We are a performance-based company, and so our focus is on developing innovative ways to use digital to drive revenue in measurable ways. You do this by driving customers to your site cost-effectively and getting them to convert once there,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne (formerly Chairman of SearchIgnite).

“We’ve built IgnitionOne to do both of these things holistically -– delivering the right message to the right user at the right time across your online advertising and your website.”

In addition to Mr. Margiloff, the IgnitionOne senior management team will consist of Roger Barnette (formerly CEO of SearchIgnite) as President and Toon Vanparys (formerly CEO of sister company Netmining) as Chief Revenue Officer. The Netmining brand will continue on in the United States, focusing exclusively on its display advertising business.

IgnitionOne currently has 125 employees in seven offices across four countries, and further expansion is already under way. The Company is hiring and has 75 open positions, primarily in Engineering and Client Services.

“We’ve built an industry-first, and we’re just getting started. We’ll continue to push the boundaries of technology innovation to keep up with the rapid pace of change in our industry,” added Mr. Margiloff. “The formation of IgnitionOne is exciting for us and for our clients, and we’re looking for more pioneers to join us in our mission to revolutionize marketing technology.”

About IgnitionOne
IgnitionOne is the world’s first closed loop Digital Marketing Suite, offering multiple solutions to improve online performance within a single interface. Solutions include ad management and optimization (search, display and Facebook), cross-channel attribution and website optimization. The company was formed in 2011 by combining online ad management platform, SearchIgnite, with audience profiling and on-site optimization from Netmining.

Ignition One currently powers more than $10 billion in revenue each year for some of the world’s leading online marketers, including General Motors, Chico’s, Ann Taylor, Fiat and advertising agencies such as Digitas, Golley Slater, MRM Worldwide, CyberAgent and more.

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Published on: 10:00AM on 11th April 2011