LONDON, 14 APRIL, 2011 – Touchnote, the award-winning London based start-up that lets you send physical postcards via web or mobile, today announced a new Touchnote app for HP webOS. webOS users can now share their snaps as physical postcards, directly from their mobiles, for free for a limited time.

Raam Thakrar, CEO of Touchnote, commented that: "It’s been easy working with HP webOS. We've got a great app that we're really pleased with, and we’re excited to investigate new business models linking the on-line and physical worlds. We’re very happy to add this app to those that we have for other platforms."

The free app enables users to select a photo and then simply select (or enter) a contact, and add a message. Touchnote then prints and posts the physical postcard. The usual fees (to cover printing and postage) are being sponsored by HP for the first 50,000 postcards delivered using the webOS app. HP webOS users can download the app from the on-device App Catalog available on all HP webOS devices.

Touchnote’s success is based on the idea that though lots of people share photos online, sharing a photo as a real postcard is different. A photo postcard is something that the recipient will treasure. Touchnote provides an easy and fast way to print and share snaps. It’s simple, and it’s all from your phone.
The postcards that Touchnote will send for HP webOS users include a patent-pending feature that enables the recipient to easily thank the sender.

As Raam puts it: "We know that people love receiving photos as postcards; we also want to be sure that postcard senders get to know that their postcards were received and appreciated. Touchnote adds a unique url to every postcard sent from an HP webOS phone. This url allows the recipient to view a digital version of their postcard and send a thank you email without ever needing to know the sender’s email address."

About Touchnote

Touchnote – reinventing the humble postcard since 2008

Touchnote is a mobile and online service that lets you create your own cards from your photos. Touchnote for Mobile was the first mobile application that enabled customers to create and send a personalised physical product directly from the mobile phone. Touchnote has partnered with Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft and the Post Office.

Published on: 12:01AM on 14th April 2011