MailPerformance and Experian CheetahMail, both large players in the SaaS mode email marketing sector, have reinforced their commitment to Signal Spam in becoming the first email marketing companies to achieve the status of founding members. This undertaking marks a new phase in the development of their anti-spam activities both in France and internationally.
Unique in the world, Signal Spam's initiative brings together all of the players in the email ecosystem: companies and operators, professional associations and public bodies. It puts Internet users at the heart of the scheme and allows action to be taken at source. Spam emails submitted by users are sent on to the relevant bodies, both public and private, to enable them to take better measures to prevent spam. In this respect it is a significant achievement to have been able to engage experts in deliverability such as MailPerformance and Experian CheetahMail.

Jean-Christophe LE TOQUIN, President of Signal Spam, states “Close collaboration with the players involved in email marketing such as MailPerformance and Experian CheetahMail is an essential step for Signal Spam in France and necessary for the development of its model in the international arena. This commitment will translate into compliance with deliverability best practices on a day-to-day basis and has also lead to the participation of large organisations and financial bodies, which will be an important factor in the collective fight against spam. Today we are recognising their commitment by upgrading their status from member to founder member. In other words, they have joined that select group of members who are the pillars of the association".

Two companies who are aware of the need to fight against spam
MailPerformance and Experian CheetahMail are experts in deliverability and encourage their customers, advertisers and marketing agencies to respect email marketing best practices on a daily basis. Education and accountability are encouraged in conjunction with the authorities, Internet access providers and all members of the email ecosystem. A range of measures and services such as mail status management, access provider relations and database consolidation are all involved in the march towards quality. All of these places MailPerformance and Experian CheetahMail at the heart of fighting the problem of spam and the consequences it engenders: the generation of false positives by spam filters, the lack of trust users place in emails etc.
A commitment to their convictions
Given their new status as founder members, Experian CheetahMail and MailPerformance have confirmed their commitment to anti-spam measures and are encouraging others to use best

practices in the area. “In a world in perpetual motion such as the Internet it is essential that the major email marketing players support and use the set of globally-recognised rules, laws and best practices. We believe that our actions in conjunction with Signal Spam will contribute to further developments in this direction within the industry", states Mathieu Dodergny, the European Deliverability Manager for Experian CheetahMail.
Laurant Garnier, Director of the Deliverability Unit at MailPerformance states that: “An email provider does not necessarily enjoy a large amount of sympathy from ISPs these days. In our day-to-day work in improving our customer’s awareness of the need to respect Internet users and their right of refusal, and our involvement in the development of signal spam, we are witnessing increasing commitment to responsible emailing and are helping to create a positive evolution in the role of our profession”.
A new phase in the fight against spam
The collaborational structure implemented by Signal Spam will involve its members sharing all pertinent information in the fight against spam. This exchange of information will improve mutual understanding between the members of the ecosystem by improving their awareness of specific problems. With these goals in mind, MailPerformance and Experian CheetahMail are the latest members to join the likes of Microsoft, Orange and SFR as founding members of Signal Spam.

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More about Signal Spam
Signal Spam is a trusted resource in the fight against spam.
Created in 2005, the Signal Spam Association is a spam alert platform. It is free and accessible to everyone, the initiative places the Internet user at the centre of the fight: spam emails submitted by users are sent on to the players involved, both public and private, to enable them to take better measures to prevent them being sent. The fact that it brings together all members of the e-mail ecosystem (companies and operators, professional associations and public bodies) makes it unique in the world. To alert is to act

More about MailPerformance
Published by NP6, MailPerformance is an Saas mode E-crm Multichannel distribution solution.
Complete, powerful and easy to use, MailPerformance is dedicated to the management of multichannel public relations campaigns and programs (mini sites, e-mail, SMS). It is also the only distribution platform provided by a company holding the ISO 9001 quality certificate in Europe. With a presence in both France and the UK it now has over 50 collaborators, it has offices in Bordeaux, Paris and London and manages e-mail marketing campaigns for more than 500 customers.
MailPerformance’s positioning is based on providing added value as a technical and marketing partner by prioritising quality and close relationships with customers.
These are just a few of the companies who have placed their trust in us: Microsoft, Natixis,, E.Leclerc, Easyvoyage, Groupe TF1, Total France, Groupe Lucien Barrière, Groupe Canal+, Reader’s Digest, Bouygues Telecom, Maximiles, Brice, AG2R, Well, Le Furet du Nord, Alinéa, Cofidis, Finaref, MMA, Thomas Cook, TravelHorizon,...
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Experian CheetahMail around the world
Experian CheetahMail is an e-mail marketing service provider which uses intelligent client technologies working for some of the largest advertisers in the world. Having some of the largest customer service teams in the e-mail industry using advanced e-mail functionality technologies and providing a large range of data management options, Experian CheetahMail allows advertisers to construct pertinent communications campaigns in conjunction with their customers. Being a partner of some of the best known international brands, Experian CheetahMail has a highly-diversified worldwide customer database which includes Barclays, Auchan, KLM, Neiman Marcus and HP. Experian CheetahMail is one of the business units of the Experian Ltd group (LSE : EXPN), it was founded in 1998 and is based in New York. The company has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Dusseldorf, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Johannesburg.
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About Experian
Experian provides information on treatment, analysis and marketing to companies and individuals throughout the world to help them in managing the risks and the rewards associated with their commercial and financial decisions.
Using high-performance information processing tools and accurate knowledge of consumers, markets and economies, Experian helps companies throughout the world to establish and develop their customer relations and to give them a competitive advantage in their particular market. Experian provides information services to individuals allowing them to take financial and purchasing decisions while being fully aware of their ramifications.
Their customers operate in a wide variety of sectors such as financial services, distribution and distance selling, telecommunications, services, the media, insurance, car manufacturing, leisure, e-commerce, industry, the property sector and public administration.
Quoted on the London stock exchange (EXPN), the Experian Group is a FTSE 100 company. Their headquarters are based in Dublin, Ireland and they have two operational offices in Costa Mesa, California and Nottingham in the United Kingdom. With 15,000 employees in 40 countries, Experian provides services to customers in over 65 countries. As of 31 March 2010 its turnover was $3.9 billion.
In France, Experian provides companies with a complete package of services including customer capture and loyalty programs, as well as transaction and risk management. Experian employs 230 people throughout the territory.
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Published on: 11:52AM on 19th April 2011