Specialist social media agency FreshNetworks has been working with Telefónica Europe to develop a consistent strategy for using social media across multiple European markets.

FreshNetworks has created a social media strategy that contributes to the brand’s existing business aims and provides clear guidelines and policies for all Telefónica Europe businesses to operate within. This includes developing an analytical framework for measuring success from all social media activity across five major markets (the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia) while also allowing each individual market a degree of flexibility.

FreshNetworks has been working closely with key stakeholders across Europe to support the O2 commercial brand and is providing education and training for 29,000 employees.

Telefónica Europe’s Director of Customer Experience, Graham Webster commented: “Our European social media strategy development, led by FreshNetworks, has brought much-needed expert advice and experience. They have come up with a measurable, sustainable social media strategy and we’re looking forward to working with them on social media across Europe over the coming months.”

FreshNetworks is now Telefónica Europe’s retained social media agency for all Group-sponsored social media projects, programmes and campaigns. The agency will help resource social media moving forward and is now in the process of implementing the strategy in each individual country.

Published on: 12:17PM on 20th April 2011