Diageo Great Britain (GB) is launching its first iAd for its Guinness® brand, inviting viewers to discover ‘more life in the dark’. The campaign, aims to equip consumers with the necessary tools and inspiration to help them enjoy a great night out.

Part of a larger multi-platform digital campaign ‘There’s More Life in the Dark’, the iAd opens with the narrator promising to show you where the best nights out are happening. The ad is then split into the four sections ‘pubs, gigs, comedy and sports’, each inspiring viewers to find great nearby events and venues using the iPhone’s location based functionality.

For example, the gigs section starts with a fun way of helping users get served without having to shout above the noise at a gig. An interactive dial allows the user to choose how many friends they want to buy a Guinness for, 1,2,3 or 4. They can then save the image ‘x pints of Guinness please! to their iPhone and show it at the bar to place an order. The ad then goes on to employ the iPhone’s location functionality to find gigs that are taking place over the coming days in the viewer’s area.

As well as finding gigs, users can select the various tabs to find quality pubs, comedy nights and venues for Sky 3d sports matches. The final tab allows consumers to sign up to Guinness communications, where they can keep up to date with brand promotions.

The campaign, which has been created by Tullo Marshall Warren (TMW) and built by Apple, aims to drive brand awareness amongst consumers and grow the brand’s customer database. As well as being served through the iTunes network, TMW are producing an accompanying video to demonstrate how to engage with the ad.

Paul Cornell, marketing manager, for Guinness at Diageo GB says: “We want consumers to believe you have a better time with a Guinness and the new iAd helps them do that in a really engaging way. The content is personalised to each user, giving every fan an experience that is unique to them. The iAd is great for raising brand awareness and engagement while consumer’s are on the move, on a platform that has become part of everyday life.’

Jeff Bowerman, deputy creative director at TMW, adds: “Our Guinness iAd is one of the most sophisticated creations on what is still a relatively new platform. It aims to be as functional as possible, while featuring bespoke creative content produced specifically with the iPhone in mind. The intro videos were shot in an unconventional aspect ratio in order to fit the iPhone’s portrait screen, and for the first time on this platform, the videos are completely exclusive to the iAd – meaning they can’t be seen anywhere else.

Published on: 10:29AM on 9th May 2011