Website is part of campaign to promote Marmite as a lunchtime food with recipe ideas

Today, Tribal DDB launches the newly redesigned website for Marmite. The website has been redesigned to support Marmite’s new TV advertising campaign. Tribal DDB designed around the 8-year old, ‘love/hate’ campaign developed by DDB London: the site’s landing page offers consumers the choice of entering either the ‘love marmite’ site or the ‘hate marmite’ site.

The site also promotes Marmite as a food to be eaten in sandwiches, which aims to widen its appeal from its traditionally viewed position as a breakfast spread.

Noam Buchalter at Marmite, comments, “Tribal’s strategy offered our consumers a more engaging and entertaining user experience that better reflects Marmite’s brand values. Marmite is an iconic brand for British consumers, many of whom have grown up eating it. As such, we wanted our site to reflect this offline community and to offer a place where consumers can further celebrate and interact with the brand online.”

Brand new content on the site includes a fan club section; an advertising section featuring the new campaign; a ‘Hall of Fame’ that celebrates consumers’ own Marmite websites; and a Marmite recipe section.

The two sites offer specifically themed content around the ‘love’ or ‘hate’ idea: while the ‘love’ site offers different ways to enjoy Marmite, the ‘hate’ site provides joke recipes and cartoon graphics of people being sick.

As part of the sandwiches promotion, Tribal has created a new section on the site, called ‘Eat Marmite’, which features six steps to making the perfect Marmite and cheese sandwich. The Marmite and cheese sandwich theme will also run through a number of Marmite’s TV adverts.

“The new website has been designed to broaden the possibilities of Marmite, while simultaneously reflecting its established brand values,” comments Neil Hughston, Head of Client Services at Tribal.

Neil continues, “The site’s design and content combines the new way in which consumers now perceive and interact with the brand, with Marmite’s great history. Our market research has revealed that, regardless of whether your love it or hate it, the British public has a great fondness for the Marmite brand. The two different ‘love’ and ‘hate’ sites means that both audiences are provided with an entertaining and humorous place to further interact with this very British spread.”

The site has been designed to be simple, yet visually striking, incorporating Marmite’s brand colours of yellow, red and black. The site also incorporates animations and cartoon graphics that are themed specifically for the ‘love’ and ‘hate’ sites; there are flaming hearts and devils on the ‘hate’ site, while on the ‘love’ site there are cherubs and winged hearts.

Further developments for the site are planned and will be ongoing during 2005.

The site’s URL is being promoted on Marmite pots, at the end of the TV ads and on print ads.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 17th January 2005