One to One, a global human centric digital marketing firm, is hosting a free seminar at the Design Council in Covent Garden on May 26th at 2.00 pm.

Dr. Philip Rhodes, EVP of One to One Insight - One to One's customer experience research division - will discuss how creating your own online community can act as an invaluable research tool by supplementing or even displacing many traditional research methods. This discussion will cover how to create and manage your own online community and the ten rules to ensure its success.

Paul Hedgeland, Director of One to One Connect - One to One's universal messaging division - will conclude the seminar with a strategy designed to integrate Facebook and Twitter into your existing direct marketing efforts. Paul will explain the best ways to target and engage your prospects and customers using social media and walk through the tools required to execute the strategy within your existing marketing teams.

There will be plenty of free refreshments to enjoy after the seminar. This event is open to all; to sign up visit: or contact Jonathan Outlaw @ for more information.

About One to One
One to One’s mission is to curate meaningful human experiences. The firm is best suited to work with brands who are committed to intimately understanding the human dimensions and values of their customers, and to establishing their brand as a leader in one-to-one marketing strategies to build deeper and more meaningful relationships.
Please feel free to visit the blog or visit to view the episode on human centric marketing.

Published on: 5:15PM on 16th May 2011