hybris, a market-leading multichannel commerce software vendor, has revealed the results from a Proof of Concept test of its eCommerce platform running its database on a quarter-rack Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2. The results revealed that, when combined with the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, the hybris eCommerce platform was able to support over 10,000 individual page views per second , a result seen to be ‘impressively high-performing’.

Commenting on the results, Ariel Lüdi, CEO of hybris, said; “It goes without saying that we’re thrilled with these results – we have always known that our eCommerce platform was one of the most powerful on the market, but to have this test confirm the fact proves our leadership in this space. From our internal experience of using a variety of systems over a number of years, the results suggest that our hybris eCommerce platform is substantially more powerful than other standard deployment scenarios we have utilised.”
He continued, “Combining our platform with Oracle Exadata will ensure that the I/O throughput no longer acts as a bottleneck, enabling our customers to benefit from exceptionally fast Java performance, dramatically reduced installation time and maintenance and providing them with a scalable system with a cloud-like approach which supports them with all their future growth.”
Combined with the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, the hybris eCommerce platform managed 200 million products easily in the test – equating to 1 billion database records. Over an 11 hour import period, the platform consistently loaded 4,800 products per second into the hybris system until all 200 million products were imported after which it managed a continuous single attribution change (the import of price changes from an external system) of an impressive 23,751 price changes per second.

Thomas Hertz, SVP Products, hybris, said; “The Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2, which is based on a Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Real Application Clusters, is the fastest database system we have seen so far. Its overall specification and very fast IO systems fits into the way the hybris Multichannel Suite utilizes the underlying database. Tests have shown that it is not only very scalable in terms of page impressions / sec to that of a typical commerce system, but also handles product information mass data with up to 200 million SKU’s without any problem.”
Hybris is a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).
About hybris
hybris (www.hybris.com) is a leading vendor of next generation agile multichannel commerce software. Its clear vision about the need for consistency, co-ordination and personalization of information across all channels and throughout all phases of the customer lifecycle has resulted in the development of an integrated, agile solution which supports the industrialization and automation of operational marketing and sales processes. It is spearheading innovation in this field, enabling businesses to communicate and sell across all channels in a consistent and effective way.
Established in 1997, hybris has a proven track record of profitability and growth, with ambitious expansion plans for the future. Headquartered in Munich, it has offices in the U.S., UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Sweden. Its international presence is extended via a dedicated network of business and technology partners across Europe and the USA. It has over 200 customers worldwide running more than 1,500 websites "powered by hybris". Customers are global brands from retail and manufacturing industries, including: Toys 'R' Us, Adidas, Pirelli, Conrad, Norgren, Lufthansa, Reebok, Grundfos, Demag, Sika, Bunzl UK & Ireland, Phonak, Waterstones and Rexel.

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Published on: 9:21AM on 25th May 2011